[PLC] Golden Coast

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[PLC] Golden Coast

Postby JacobAllTrades » Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:49 am


It's been a while hasn't it?

If you remember me somehow: You will remember that my last attempts at park making here was...not impressive to say the least. But now that i'm back, i'm going to try and attempt this again.

On that note: Let's start over from the beginning with a park I just started working on today called, Golden Coast. It is a beach side like amusement park with hopes of being up with Cedar Point and or Six Flags as a potential hot spot for thrill seekers and families.

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated, here we go.

Construction: Part 1

Like with every park, the first thing you start off with is absolutely nothing. It's basically a blank canvas for artists to test their skills on. That will soon change.

Behold...the first thing ever created for the park. It's very own entrance! Not too shabby i'd say.

In growing the entrance and keeping up with the beach/tropical theme of the park: We have a boat load of palm trees, so many palm trees; you'll wish your hand was one so you could join them. (Seriously: Don't even think about making your hands into palm trees. That would be pretty hard and painful to attempt.)

The first ride to be introduced. An old-time ride called the Monte Leon. There aren't as many as there used to be, but you can still find one in Idlewild.

Wouldn't be long until the construction team for the park built a killer entrance and added some scenery around the ride to make it seem authentic.

Next up on the list was to add in a second ride called the 'Hurricane'. It's actually known as a Forge, but I never did figure out what it was they were trying to forge. Ah well.

Well, with every amusement park; you knew at some point we would start to build some rollercoasters. As the weeks passed on, the crew and I made plans for the first of two coasters. This is the 'Shark Express', the more intense of the two coasters. It has a bit of that old-school style from back in the hey-day of boardwalk parks with a hint of a modern-ness in it to make it stand out among the others.

Funny story about this one, we had actually planned for there to be a half-helix there; but we had to scrap the plans due to failures in testing.

Speaking of which, I had to ride this bad boy three times. THREE. Let me tell you, it lives up to the title of being intense.

Here's me at the top hill.

Here's me screaming my head off at the first hill.

Here's me hoping I don't throw something up during one of the curves.

Another hill...

A moment to catch my breath, thank god for good old fashioned air-time!

Breaking it down...

And back home again.

You can see the stats from the right corner, but honestly: I think they underrated the intensity rating a bit. That felt more like a 5 or a 6 to me...but i'm not a statistician so what do I know?

After construction, we started theming the ride a little; we even gave the ride a shark head for the top of the hill. It is probably the ugliest, most horrifying creation of a shark I've ever seen.

And the finishing touch? The ride entrance.

The second of the two coasters is 'Clownfish Contraption'. It's for the littler ones who aren't ready to go after the sharks and the squeamish.

The top of the lift hill, not quite as exciting as the first one.

Down the hatch ye go!

Up one of the hills.

Yeah, basically you loop around the same circle until the end of the ride. Not much, but hey; kids will enjoy it.

More stats.

A few days before opening, we decided to use the other side of the park as the break room for those who need a rest from the rides.

Paths to relief.

Eventually this ended up becoming a paradise infested with trees of all shapes and sizes. I've taken to calling this the 'Tree Lounge'.

Hmm, something's missing here...Ah yes! The bathrooms. Can't have people peeing or defecating on the sand. That would be weird.

Twin bathrooms.

And to close it off, a look at the skyline after months of agony and broken fingers. As you can tell from the vast array of nothingness, we have a lot of work to do.

But hey, tomorrow's the grand opening. So if you don't mind: I'm going to not worry about that for now and wait for the guests to arrive.

Next time (assuming there is one): The grand opening!
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Re: [PLC] Golden Coast

Postby JacobAllTrades » Thu Feb 01, 2018 6:35 pm

Hm...nothing. Well I guess I've waited long enough.

The Grand Opening, Plus Construction For The Future?

All right, the grand opening of Golden Coast has finally arrived. Now is the moment of truth. How will the park do amongst the crowds? Let's find-

Oh what the hell do you want?

I do?

You mean I can't just have them slave away like I did back in the Rollercoaster Tycoon series?

Ugh...fine. Let me see what I can do.

Because the inspectors told me I needed them, I got some staff buildings for them to wind down.

And then I realized I needed to hire some staff. So I did.

Finally, it's time to get the- OH WHAT NOW? ...People aren't coming because our prices are too high? Well what are you waiting for? Make em cheaper, stat! Hell, make 'em free for all I care!

Turns out that did the trick and people came in droves. I'm not joking, a ton of people wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Clownfish Contraption quickly became a popular ride in the park.

I suppose even the thrill seekers found going around in...basically circles a pretty intense experience.

It clearly was a hit with familes, that's for sure!

So how is it's bigger brother, Shark Express doing?

Hmm...looks like lines are slow for the ride so far. Ah, it's early; they'll pick up sooner or later.

At least it wasn't Hurricane. It was pretty empty for a while there.

But hey, you do get this killer screenshot of it at work!

But the showstopper of the park turned out to be the Monte Leon. Yes, it turns out old rides DO work well with a modern generation. Who'd had thought? I myself took a ride on it myself and...yeah, it was worth it!

Especially when the thing basically turned into a caterpillar chasing it's own tail...ooh, now that I think about it. That would kind of hurt.

That's the person I sat with. Nice person really.


Behold the glorious Tree Lounge, where the people can relax amongst shade and get all their troubles out of sight and mind. And while they do so, they can munch on Chief Beef and slurp around Cosmic Cow's moon shakes (Which, hot take: Are absolutely disgusting. I should know, I tried one of them!)

And...that's just about it really. But before we go, let's see what happened with the- HOLY ROLY POLLIE OLLIE! Now THAT is a crowd!

So that's a pretty happy way to end off an update, in the end: All four rides got high marks for their debut season and Golden Coast turned out to be a massive hit.

Before I left for the evening, I got a glimpse of what the park had in store for the future: It looks like we're going to be getting another coaster at some point. What it may be...who knows for sure?

And that's where i'll leave you for this update. Until next time, I encourage all of you to give me your thoughts on what this new ride could end up being and what works about the park and what can be improved.

Next time: A whole new section (Or: Construction 2: Electric Boogaloo)

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Re: [PLC] Golden Coast

Postby Dombot » Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:40 pm

Okay, a few things:

-You're obviously really talented with coaster layouts, and it 100% shows. Every ride is on point, Shark Express is the clear king of this park. Just get rid of that horrendous shark statue on the track, and you'll be golden (that's not a pun, I swear).

-The park looks really bare, like it's a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Trees! Water! Terra-forming! Themeing around paths! All of that! It adds a huge element of realism/feel to your park, a much larger impact than you would think. What you've got is nice so far, just add more.

-That kid's coaster is NOT a kid's coaster, it looks huge. Scale it down, it'll be a bit more realistic if you do.

JacobAllTrades wrote:Construction 2: Electric Boogaloo

Okay, I laughed. :lol:
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Re: [PLC] Golden Coast

Postby JacobAllTrades » Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:02 pm

Dombot wrote:Okay, a few things:

-You're obviously really talented with coaster layouts, and it 100% shows. Every ride is on point, Shark Express is the clear king of this park. Just get rid of that horrendous shark statue on the track, and you'll be golden (that's not a pun, I swear).

Heh, thanks. I tend to be pretty good with coaster layouts overall, probably because I've spent a few years working on them (say like thirteen or so years).

I basically patterned Shark Express with hints of the Giant Dipper at Belmont Park, Cyclone from Coney Island and even the Texas Giant before it's RMC. In turn, I ended up with the Shark Express.

And yes...the shark head was my idea. Not the best idea ever looking back at it.

Dombot wrote:-The park looks really bare, like it's a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Trees! Water! Terra-forming! Themeing around paths! All of that! It adds a huge element of realism/feel to your park, a much larger impact than you would think. What you've got is nice so far, just add more.

Ironically enough, this happens to be my weak point when it comes to building parks. Basically, my idea for making parks less bland are a lot of rides and vegetation. With that said however, I am trying to improve this aspect with this park and other parks and I hope that by the end of this, it will look a lot less like a wasteland but more of an amusement park.

Dombot wrote:-That kid's coaster is NOT a kid's coaster, it looks huge. Scale it down, it'll be a bit more realistic if you do.

Incidentally, I was thinking of upgrading it to a family coaster, so there's that.

I hate to say it, but I have a bit of an unwritten rule for myself: Once you finish a ride and it has been successfully tested, you don't go back and make anymore changes. Because once it's done, it's done. It might be a pretty unpopular opinion, but hey, that's just what I do. You probably do things differently and I respect you for it.

JacobAllTrades wrote:Construction 2: Electric Boogaloo

Dombot wrote:Okay, I laughed. :lol:

Thanks. I tend to have a sense of humor. :p

Ok, update time!

A Whole New Section (Or: Construction 2: Electric Boogaloo)

Welp. It's been a few months now since I spoke to you last, so you might be asking yourself: What's been going on? I'm happy to say that Golden Coast has become a massive success early on it's life; with critics and attendees praising the theming, rides and the massive amount of potential it had for the future. Which is great news!

On more interesting news, I finally got the time to come back to the park and see what was new for the second season. Now let me ask you a question, remember that coaster track I showed you at the end of the last update? Well...

It's the crown jewel of the Golden Coast's newest section: Waliki Wonderland, an abandoned island once ruled by pirates and the gods of water: Now it's spirit returns from the dead after years of dormancy to spread water to it's brothers and sisters as much as possible.

And here it is! The Waliki Water Wizzer, the park's third roller coaster AND the first ride that gets people wet. About time right? And as with other roller coasters...I got to ride it.

Lift hill.

The ride itself is actually pretty tame compared to the others...

A few gentle turns and drops here and there...

But if there's one thing this ride is going to be known for, it's is big drop and it's eventual...


Now we are all wet and thrilled beyond all belief.

Here are some stats, and for once: They're pretty accurate.

Here's the second new ride that comes with the section, the Eye of the Storm. And no, there is no relation to this and the Hurricane. As much as I wanted there to be: There isn't.

Just for fun, I took a few pictures of the rides currently running during the night. As you can see, the Shark Express is still running even in the wee hours of night. And brother, it is PACKED.

The Shark Express and Clownfish's Contraption are delighting audiences no matter what time of day!

Hurricane and Monte Leon doing their thing in the darkness. Monte Leon especially looking extravagant in the darkness. Always knew adding fire would help with the atmosphere of the ride somehow.

Now recently, there's been some debate over whether or not this ride was actually a kid roller coaster or not.

After some time, the people at charge decided that this ride was in-fact a family roller coaster and not a kid's coaster as it was first advertised to be.

Honestly, it's for the best. Didn't really felt it was much of a kid's coaster anyway.

As night turned into day, I decided to crash in one of the staff rooms for the night. By the morning, I decided to go and see more of the Waliki Wonderland.

The first thing you will note is that there is a lot more scenery and theming than there was before.

I mean, take a look at the Whirly Rig for instance...

Not only does the sucker have a terraformed entrance...

It has a shipwreck! The backstory behind this is that a few years before the abandonment of the island, the water gods and the pirates fought in a brutal civil war for dominance. In the end, the pirates won: But at the cost of many of their scallywags. To no one's shock, the pirates abandoned the island after some time without the gods because of the eventual droughts and stagnation without them. Turns out you can't have a wonderland without water.

I also decided to be extremely ballsy and ride the Eye of the Storm. (Spoiler alert: It was a f**king terrible idea)




Decided to go see the Shark Express and- Hey, wait a minute! Something missing...

Where did it's shark head go?

Oh! There it is! (As it turns out, people hated the shark head on the ride: So they took it down and put it near the queue. Now you can terrified by the thing BEFORE you get on the ride!)

Clownfish's Contraption got a bit of vegetation itself and a river.

Not only that, behold! It's very own sign and statues!

Hurricane also got some more scenery and some bins for people to throw up on.

Monte Leon, you're not alone in this either.

The Tree Lounge also got a bit of an upgrade, now adding in street-lights and MORE trees!

And now, the skyline as it stands to finish things off.

And there you have it! Things in the Golden Coast seem to be getting interesting now that we have a new section of rides to play around with. Until next time, I encourage those to give me tips on how the park can be better and what works with the park right now. I'll see you in a few days or so!

Next time: Waliki Wonderland Officially Opens!

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Re: [PLC] Golden Coast

Postby hunnam » Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:24 am

Things in the Golden Coast seem to be getting interesting now!

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