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All credit goes to RCTFan2002 on the Theme Park Fanon wiki, who created the park idea. Check it out at: https://themeparkfanon.fandom.com/wiki/King's_Wonderland! Of course,  things will go SLIGHTLY different.


July 24, 2006

The First Excursion


Hi! I'm Logan Fields, a 26 year old enthusiast out of Greensburg, Kansas, with plans to move to Kansas City soon. I've always heard of this place, but never been......until now. This is Six Flags Kansas City, formerly Paramount's Kings Wonderland, located in the Missouri side of Kansas City. It has 10 coasters and a bunch of exciting flat rides, and also a shoot-the-chutes and log flume.

Drove out of Greensburg at 7:00 in the morning. 4 hours and 46 minutes later, near noon, I arrived at the park.


Here we are!


I heard a child see this and ask his mom "Why is Cupid at Six Flags?" I absolutely laughed.

Promptly hit the Eiffel Tower for some views.


What do you spy? I spy an invert, a stand-up, a Flying Dutchman and a box thing, It later turned out there was a top spin in the box.

Exited the tower and walked over the bridge that goes over Spa Lake (not pictured). Decided to let fate select my first coaster.


Kansas Streak it is then.


CCI always does good things with their coasters and this is no exception. Solid dang ride.

It also broke down just after I got it.


Happily skipped this piece o'***.


Spinner was closed. It turns out it had an accident a few days before.


Which means it's time for this. They let me bring my camera on. ;D



The drop was a lot more exciting and forceful than I expected. Nearly lost the camera.


What's in the box?


This thing then. I'd quote the spiel but no one wants to hear that spiel again, am I right?

They let me bring my camera on this too.


Couldn't find Cupid. Disappointing.

I'll keep my review of this brief: Wow, I've never had a coaster try to kill me before.

Alrighty then. Speedrun time.


Batman: The Ride.

Why is it so forceless?


Riddler's Revenge.

When I entered the queue I saw a man exiting the ride, in tears, clutching his family jewels in pain. I soon found out why. Many expletives were shouted.


Joker's Revenge.

Sorry, whoever was in the row behind me and got showered with my spew.

It was also the most off-the-rails Top Spin I've ever ridden.



Blue side was fun, if a little shaky. We lost.

Red side was somehow winning every single lap without fail. It felt a bit faster too. Rigged!

Nothing in the kids area worth a darn.


Fun looking log flume. Also closed.


Shoot the chutes. Didn't ride because I was afraid of my camera taking on water. Totally forgot about the lockers.

Took a bathroom break. Sunset came.


Kiddie coaster. Didn't ride.


Ghostly shadow of the Eiffel Tower.


Beautiful shot of Kansas Streak.


With just a short time left before closing, decided to get a final ride in on this beauty.

It's even better in the dark.

No fireworks. Disappointing, but I've heard there will be some next year.


Satisfied, called it a day and endured the near 5 hour drive back to Greensburg. Moving day just can't come soon enough.


So...this is the new park I'm doing. Any criticisms? Hit me with em below! I hope you enjoy; there's so much more to come!

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