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[RCT2] Diamondwood Amusement Park

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Hello Everyone! 😃

My name is ActingEarly and this is my first ever post on TPR, here to show you my new RCT2 park, Diamondwood! I've followed several RCT2 threads on this website over the years, but I've never posted one myself. Well, I've got a new PC, a small break from college, and motivation that somehow magically appeared in the last couple of weeks, so I used them all to put together what may be weight for weight the best beginning to a RCT2 park I've ever constructed. This is a NCSO object park, but I will be using some downloaded flats, stalls, and maybe a custom coaster or 2 (because you tell me to make a park without my Chairswings and Dippin' Dots).

Now, because I just seem to be a campy individual by nature, I have to have a story behind my parks. This one's tale is that a fortunate entrepreneur in my home state of Arkansas acquired a large span of mostly flat land in the Ozark Mountains (a feat in itself) and decided to follow his dream of building a massive amusement park in his home state, who's tourism industry probably couldn't support a park that big, but we don't care! This park will have multiple themed areas, something I usually don't include in my parks but will in this one, and I really want to incorporate the location of the park into most of the theming. The current only open section of the park, Diamondwood Square, is an Americana-style entrance area with shops, stalls, restaurants, and classic rides to invite guests to what will eventually be a massive park spanning our entrepreneur's hole in the Ozarks. The area admittedly has pretty loose theming, but said theming will be much more tightly incorporated into future areas of the park.

Comments and criticism welcome, as this is my first park here, and let's get to the screens! (Sorry if the picture quality isn't the absolute best in the world, I did what I could. This park is made on RCT2 classic, not OpenRCT2.)


Park Entrance and Ticket Building. Sorry about the dead flowers 🥴


Alternate angle of park entrance and the Season Pass building.


The main area of Diamondwood Square. Featuring Diamond Star Carousel, the Overlook Ferris Wheel, and Castle Arcade, a themed Motion Simulator. Sorry for the sheer number of peeps, I have over 1,500 of them in this one little area of the park and it felt a bit empty when I just made them invisible.


Another angle of the area that better shows off Yarnell's Creamery (Arkansans know) and Jerry's Famous Burgers. Please excuse the nothingness behind Shooting Star, the big white woodie.


The Coliseum Show Theatre, quite possibly my favorite RCT2 building that I've ever made.


Angle numero dos of the Coliseum and the bathrooms attached to its left. Also a slightly better shot of Whirling Dervish, the Tilt-a-Whirl.


A parking lot that I totally didn't just make to fill up space, why do you ask?


The second half of Diamondwood Square, centralized by a pagoda that houses an info kiosk.


The Junk Depot Gift Shop, a.k.a. the brownest building to ever brown, nestled in front of the Arkansas Railroad miniature railway, which will be a big help once the park starts getting bigger. Also featured is Castle Jon's Pizza, another personal favorite building of mine, and the Aerial Chariots Chairswing (please excuse those no-entry path signs, as well as the chunk of wall I just now realized was missing from Arkansas Railroad's station).


And here's the station for Shooting Star, currently the biggest crowd-pleaser in the park (but hopefully not for long 😉). Upon my last visit to Silver Dollar City, I noticed most of their coasters had small gift shops attached to their exit routes, so I tried to incorporate that a bit into Shooting Star's station.


Another angle of Shooting Star that shows off the first drop. I honestly tend to struggle a bit when it comes to making good-looking coaster layouts in RCT2, but I'm really happy with how this one turned out. It also makes a great backdrop to Diamondwood Square.

Thank you all for reading! 😁😁😁 Hopefully I'll have another update out before too long, but I may have to wait until college lets out for summer if I want to avoid two or three-pic updates.

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That's awesome! I'm truly impressed by the amount of detail and work you've put in this. It looks really familiar and makes want to go there again. Everything that's happening now makes it much easier to go back to these parks I've missed so much!

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