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[Difficult scenario, also might be a little heavy on some machines once it starts growing].

REQUIRES THE ADVENTURE PACK DLC. (I don't think it needs any of the other ones. If I'm wrong let me know)


Inspired by an old RCT2 scenario, by my other scenario, "Hurricane Hills", and most importantly - by a real park, which some of you might recognize despite the changes!


Welcome back to Freipark! Nowdays only known among photographers and Urban Explorers, you remember this once-glorious park from it's hayday, over two decades ago, right before it closed down.

But since then it's been lying abandoned, the rides rotting and falling apart, tracks buckling, buildings collapsing, and plants growing everywhere and on everything.

Your love of this place as a child is what made you decide to take on an absurdly huge loan to try and revive it to it's former glory! It honestly would've been cheaper to build a new park from scratch, but you're dead set on making this the wonderful park you remember!

But can it even be done? Every Mechanic and Janitor you've spoken to seems stressed just THINKING about working on this project. Is the park really too far gone to save? One way to find out! Good luck! You'll need it!



-You will get less money back for deleting rides and scenery (due to rotting, unusable materials)

-Janitors and mechanics are more easily stressed



Easy Goals:

-Build a Coaster (At least 4.0 excitement, at least 700m long)

-Build 10 Rides

-Attract 850 guests (for 3 months)


Medium Goals:

-Build 2 coasters (At least 6.0 Excitement, at least 1000m long)

-Attract 1200 Guests (At least 70% average guest happiness, for 3 months)


Hard Goals:

-Pay off all loans

-Make a fireworks display that holds 100 guest's attention for 30 seconds

-Attract 1600 guests (At least 80% Average Guest Happiness, for 5 months)

-Build a hotel with a 5 star rating

-Achieve a park value of 190,000


[This park has been tested, and while challenging and may take a few tries, it is possible.]


Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1441989485








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