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What is the lowest maximum height restriction you have seen?

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Me and my friends went to Nagashima Spa Land and when we got to Steel Dragon, a few of my friends were too tall to ride. Th maximum height restriction is 185cm and I’m 182cm so I just scraped on.


I remember thinking this was a bit odd as I’d never seen such a low height restriction for a non kiddies coaster.


I was wondering if anyone had ever encountered a maximum height limit that was lower than 185cm for a roller coaster? This excludes children’s coasters by the way.

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I live in Northern California and 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom is my home park. We have a ride called V-2 (like Wicked Twister at Cedar Point) and after the first year it opened in 2001, they lowered the the seats (floorless) and you can't be over 75 inches (6 ft. 3) and I'm 6 ft. 4., so I can't ride it anymore.


Paul (Gatekeeper)

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