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  1. I also want to say what a great trip report! I was able to share many of your photos with my family and friends. Thanks for taking the time to put together such an extensive (and awesome) report! It was nice meeting you and going on so many rides! Take Care, Paul
  2. Andy - as always, an awesome trip report! I love all of your photos and they're getting me hyped for next year's West Coast Bash. If TPR has it again in 2019, I will make every attempt to attend! I look forward to the Magic Mountain report as well. Take Care, Paul
  3. Harley Quinn at 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA - a few weeks ago. It's different and unique, but not as thrilling as I had hoped!
  4. Hey Zach - awesome trip report and I agree about how incredible and thrilling Skyrush is. I loved the back wing seats! Take care, Paul
  5. 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom tomorrow night (Friday) and it will be a private function for my wife's company picnic (no general public), so I'm hoping for short lines! Take Care!
  6. Hi bert, Excellent TR so far. I'm looking forward to the rest of it! Take Care, Paul
  7. After returning from the U.S. trip tour, here is my new list: 1) Fury 325/Carrowinds 2) Gatekeeper/Cedar Point 3) Top Thrill Dragster/Cedar Point 4) Millenium Force/Cedar Point 5) Skyrush/Hershey Park 6) Twisted Timbers/SFOG 7) I 305/King's Dominion 8) Tatsu/6 Flags Magic Mountain 9) Goliath/SFOG 10) Superman/6 Flags Magic Mountain Honorable Mentions: Storm Runner/Hershey Park Mindbender/SFOG Intimidator/Carrowinds Steel Vengeance/Cedar Point
  8. Robb - Such a cool shot on Alpengeist and excellent video of Twisted Timbers. It was funny and interesting to see the different reactions between you and Elissa. They pack so much airtime and twist and turns on this ride. You captured the special nuances of Twisted Timbers perfectly and the video brings back awesome/fond memories of that ride and of the whole day! Take Care, Paul (Gatekeeper)
  9. After going on the recent TPR U.S. trip, I think it's a tie between Skyrush - outer seats (Hershey Park) and Goliath (6 Flags Over Georgia)! Even the small hills on Goliath give an incredible airtime rush!
  10. I was there and rode at least 14 times & loved every minute of Twisted Cyclone - it's a fun & awesome ride!
  11. Thanks for the awesome trip report. I'll be going to Knoebel's and Bush Gardens for the first time in a few weeks and your ride suggestions and food photos will really help me with my ride and food decisions! Take Care, Gatekeeper
  12. Hello fellow coaster lovers, Sorry I'm late in introducing myself. My filename is Gatekeeper since it's my favorite coaster of all. My real name is Paul. I'm retired from the Air Force and now work security at a pharmaceutical plant near Sacramento, CA. My wife (Lali) is a RN at Kaiser Hospital. She's been on one roller coaster (Medusa at Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA/home park) her whole life, when we were dating. She hated it and thought she was going to die, but she lets me enjoy my favorite hobby - riding the tallest and fastest coasters that i'm able to go on. I'm fortunate
  13. Andy, These awesome photos are getting me super excited for the TPR trip next month (July 2018)! Paul (Gatekeeper)
  14. Hi, I live in Northern California and 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom is my home park. We have a ride called V-2 (like Wicked Twister at Cedar Point) and after the first year it opened in 2001, they lowered the the seats (floorless) and you can't be over 75 inches (6 ft. 3) and I'm 6 ft. 4., so I can't ride it anymore. Paul (Gatekeeper)
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