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Jerrywood is an amusement park that opened in 1938 as "Jerry's Woodland" under the management of Gerald "Jerry" P. Hansen. Hansen was a legendary thrill-seeker who won the lottery in 1935 and spent the money on his own personal amusement park. Eventually, upkeep on the park made expansion necessary and so he opened his park to the public. The park's first rides were its carousel and its 50ft, 45-degree roller slide. The slide was removed in 1946 to make room and money for the park's first roller coaster, Hurricane. Hurricane was praised for its layout, providing 5 airtime hills and many banked turns. Hurricane was built by Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters and featured a 76-foot lift hill and 2 sweeping drops. The twister-style design was new at the time and was highly praised. The park did not gain any new attractions and even came close to closing down around this time due to World War II. However, after the war many customers began to return to the park. The park gained its ferris wheel in 1958, and its popularity soared within families. The park didn't gain much attention aside from this until 1993 with the addition of Giant Dipper, a 131-foot tall out-and-back coaster built by the Dinn Corporation, and with the sudden illness of Jerry Hansen. Giant Dipper was ranked as one of the best wooden coasters of its day for its high-altitude turnarounds and airtime in the second half. Jerry's Woodland took a huge hit when Hansen died in 1996 at the age of 80. The company went to his son Carl in 1997 after being closed for a season. Several changes happened under Carl's management, including the renaming to Jerrywood and the addition of a new coaster in 2014, Bald Eagle. Built by Rocky Mountain Construction, this coaster features insane airtime hills, including multiple double-ups and double-downs, as well as many highly-banked, low-to-the-ground turns. This RMC masterpiece put Jerrywood on the map for enthusiasts everywhere.


Jerrywood has 3 wooden coasters, 2 of which have been ranked in the top 15 wooden coasters in the world, and one which is in the top 50.


Hurricane was the park's first coaster and has been ranked very highly every since it was first built.


Hurricane features many airtime hills and sweeping drops.


Riders are tossed up in their seats over the insane airtime hills.


Giant Dipper is known for being rough and having bad pacing, but the second half has strong airtime and put it in the top 50 wooden coasters.


The train slows to a snail's pace at the top of the first set of hills.


This carousel is the oldest remaining ride in the park.


The ferris wheel is also a popular family attraction.


Added in 2002, this S&S Turbo Drop tower is popular among thrill seekers.


The front midway is home to many gift and snack shops as well as some picnic tables.


Bald Eagle is the park's tallest roller coaster, at 172 feet. Bald Eagle reaches speeds of 70mph and has many insane hills and turns.


Here you can see one of Bald Eagle's turns and its first double-up. Unlike other RMCs, Bald Eagle does not have overbanked turns or any inversions.


More of Bald Eagle's layout can be seen here.


This is all of Bald Eagle's layout. It features multiple double ups, double downs, and huge low-to-the-ground turns.


Here I leave you with a final picture of Jerrywood.

I know the attractions timeline is really spread out, but TPS has low memory limits and Jerrywood is already running really slow

If you want me to make a story park soon, I may start working on one. Just comment here

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