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[RCT3] GCI terrain coaster

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Well, I took a break from NL after losing all my files and decided to open RCT3 again. Since I wanted to try the Wodan CT since the first time I saw it, I made a terrain GCI inspired by the one at Knight Valley. Well, here is the layout:



And I started supporting it. Still in its early stages though:



Hope you like it

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@AdmiralNether well, the closest I have is like 2000 miles away. Thank you!


@tatsu_dude: thank you. Yes, it's right behind the station the second pic. And yes again, there will be tunnels and head choppers


Now it's starting to get shape! I worked on the station, foliage and area of the ride. Did some supporting too:



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New update:





There are some tunnels and head choppers along the ride.



Station fly through!



Well, this view will be a lot more pretty when complete.



Unsupported half of the layout. However, the most tricky parts are done, so this should be built fast.



What do you think? Criticism is appreciated

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New update. Today I'm showing the plaza and the restaurant, themed to a water mill:



The plaza when aproaching to the ride.


The other way.


The restaurant from the lake.


I'd like to eat something there, seeing the lake, the forest... And the coaster.


Well, so supporting is almost complete. There is still a lot of work to do, but I think it already looks nice. I think I will continue it, as I have a lot more plans for this. I must look for a park name... BTW, is there any CFR for the drop tower? In game one is ugly, and the Intamin drop tower CFR is too tall.


Hope you like it, and please, comment. Thank you

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