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[RCT2] Tutorial--How to Rotate Ride Entrance and Exit

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---Rotating Ride Entrances and Exits---


Welcome to my second tutorial. This one is going to teach you how to rotate the Entrance and Exit huts on a rollercoaster.


A few things to take note of:

-As far as I'm aware, this tutorial works for all versions of Windows. I tried this tutorial on Windows 7 and it works, however I am unable to guarentee that it will work on Windows Vista, XP or earlier. I also cannot ensure it works on Mac.

-This tutorial requires the Son of Beast (SoB) trainer. A download is provided at the bottom of the post.

-This hack should work on all rides.

-Make sure you open the SoB trainer after RCT2.

-Make sure your layout is final, because if you edit the layout after doing this hack, you will be given an error trapper.


1) Build your layout, however do not place the Entrance or Exit huts yet.


2) Open the SoB trainer and click Landscaping > Begin Special Build Mode.


3) Back in RCT2, build the Entrance and Exit huts.


4) In SoB, click Landscaping > Execute Special Build Mode > Rotate Entrance/Exit Hut > North/East/South/West.


5) Back in RCT2 you can see which way the Hut has rotated. You can go back into SoB and change the direction if this isn't the one you intended. However, because there are two openings, you must place path on the smaller opening if you choose to do so.


6) Go back into SoB and click Landscaping > End Special Build Mode and you're done.


Thanks for reading the tutorial and if you have any questions or problems, please ask



SoB Trainer Download: Son fo Beast Trainer.rar

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^Forgot about that, thanks. I'll edit the post with it.

^^Thanks! I'm sure people will benifit with the ability to make stations thinner

My next tutorial is undecided, but hopefully I'll have it by Sunday night. Thanks for everyone's support.

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