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Experimental B&M Giga-no name [NL]

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Haven't posted in a while. I recently got back into No Limits and decided to try my hand at building a Giga. Heavily inspired by Leviathan which is being built at my home park (respect), I took the Large spine lift concept and took it to the extreme, I could see coasters easily reaching these heights not far in the future. It is the future of Giga's. I believe in strong positive g-forces and long sustained floater airtime... as such my coaster pulls some extreme forces.. nothing that would kill you.


Hand built the whole ride, custom supports (have about 25% of supports complete) no scenery or 3DS. will have trees.


Overall I'd say i'm about 55% in to build. I also tried to make it short, take up a relativity small footprint for a Giga, Leviathan is 30 million so just imagine the cost of this..



Track Type..........: Hyper Coaster (4 Seat)

Track Length........: 1,662.23 meters.

Complete Circut.....: Yes

Number of Trains....: 3

Cars per Train......: 9

Lowest Track Height.: 0.99 meters.

Highest Track Height: 106.93 meters.

Area Track Requires.: 155.52 x 328.98 x 105.94 cubic meters.


Total Segments...: 113

Normal...: 92

Station..: 1

Lift.....: 13

Transport: 3

Brake....: 4



More pictures soon


editor view


looking head on

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Looks good, though isnt that drop a bit too steep? It may just be me but it looks vertical.


lol no it's not quite vertical, it's a 85 maybe 87 degree drop, certainly feels vertical Also sustains 0g's for most of it as well(front), the back gets whipped over, honestly not to brag but I'm very pleased with how the drop shaping turned out, the bottom does pull like 5g's tho, it's a coaster for jet pilots


Small update showing the first large camelback supports (this hill is almost as tall as Behemoth lol)


I'll probably be done supports by the end of the day, it's not like B&M's have too elaborate of a structure, really it's just like two big thick tubes..

I'll done the entire project by tmrw afternoon or perhaps even tonight who knows.. It will be available for download as a .nltrack.



Edit: All supports complete, lightened the colour scheme and tweaked a few supports, enjoy








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