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Small TR: Parc Asterix

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My dad, a friend of mine, and myself (du'uh!) had a visit to Parc Asterix. This is the first parc (except Disneyland in Florida that we visitted when i was young) that i visit outside my own country, Belgium. This means I have a lack of coaster experience and it might make my opinion more or less interesting, you decide!


The reason I wanted to visit Parc Asterix was it's theming (which I won't go in to) and their 3 thrill rides: Goudurix, Tonnere de Zeus and Trace du Hourra!.


* Goudurix

I did some digging before going to this parc ofcourse, and the general opinion about this 7-loop vekoma baby is that's probably one of the most painfull coasters in the world, and that made me really curious to ride this monster. By looking at the coaster we decided not to ride it in the front seat since that looked really rough, so we had a ride in the middle and the backseat (which seems to be the spot to ride Goudurix in). So what can I say? Goudurix is painfull, it's very painfull, which is too bad because the track layout is very cool, and it has some nice elements and speed... Make this ride smooth and it's good!


* Tonnere de Zeus

Again, due to my lack of coaster experience I don't really have alot of wooden coasters to compare to... but I'll try to describe what I thought of this coaster, try, because it's hard to describe how awesome this coaster was for me in words. This ride has everything a good woodie needs, in my opinion: A good first drop, lots of hills, good airtime, great speed all over the ride, and it's a long track. I just loved this coaster, so much that I could ride it forever. This was the best ride the parc had to offer us!


* Trace du Hourra

"Wow, that looks super" said my friend when he saw Trace du Hourra. My first bobsled coaster made me a big fan of them bobsleds after the first ride, I mean, who can say no to that many helixes? The ride was very smooth and had very good speed, and it was quite long already. The queue went so fast you could basicly run into the trains when you wanted to ride it, which made me ride it quite a few times!


Up to the pictures:



The big asterix on top of the mountain!



Some nice themed towers



Le splash geant, it wasnt that big though.



The track layout of Goudurix



The first drop at Goudurix







Some bad pictures taken from the Zeus lifthill



Trace du Hourra


So far my first little trip report. I apologize for any grammatical and spelling errors, for a lack of content (because of experience), etc etc!

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