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  1. Valleyfair! This park is amazing! I think it's a middle tier Cedar Fair park, and it gets a bit too much hate. Yeah, the ride lineup is not the best, but this park is beautiful! It's pretty and is well taken care of by the people at Valleyfair. Here is how my day went at this cedar fair park in Minnesota. At around 9am I started my drive from the Hampton Inn I was staying it, which was only about 8 minutes away. You could see Power Tower and North Star from the lobby! As I was driving on the main road adjecent to Wild Thing, I was stunned! This thing is massive! It looked much taller than Mamba at Worlds of Fun. Suprisingly, I didn't really have a problem with traffic, and I got to drive right in. Even had time to stop at take some more pictures! Steel Venom looks sick! It's such an eyesoar when you pull into the parking lot! My belly is flipping and twisting just looking at these pictures! After parking in a spot, which was right at the front! I walked in, ready to ride some rides! The entrance is so pretty! I love this statue of Snoopy! Welcome to Valleyfair! As soon as I got in, I was so tempted from pulling in the parking lot, I just HAD to snag a ride on Steel Venom! That spike looks intense! Wild Thing is truly wild! It winds all over the path leading up to Route 76. Steel Venom! This is an Intamin Impulse (Twist & Spike model) that opened in 2003. It is still one of the originial Impulses to have a holding brake on the reverse vertical spike. With a total height of 185ft, this beast launches you at 70mph using a LIM Multi Pass! When I got off this ride, I was shocked! It was super intense, and the airtime going up the vertical roll is amazing! And, when that holding brake hits, you get jerked forward causing all of your body weight to smash into the restraint. It's so fun! I personally think this is better than Wicked Twister at Cedar Point! I think it is one of the BEST Intamin Impulses! I love this ride! Wild Thing is so fun to watch! At around 10:15ish, more people started to rush in the park. I knew what time it was... Running of the bulls! As I was walking towards Planet Snoopy, I got some amazing shots of Wild Thing! This is my favorite shot! You can see both Wild Thing, Steel Venom and even Enterprise! Dinosaurs Alive... They need to get rid of this sign.. No one told me the dinosaurs are still here?! This piece of junk and metal screamed at me full power, right into my ears... I hate you. High Roller! A wooden coaster from some random manufacturer that no one cares about. This is the only coaster they ever made.. Dont worry Renegade, I'll be there soon! But first, I gotta ride Corkscrew! I snuck my camera on!! Shhh! Don't tell them! There's Wave making a grand appearance. The first lift is always scary! Well.. not when your only 80 feet off the ground. Oh hey Wild Thing! Oh god! This part is scary! Ahhhhh! Waaahhhhh!! Weeeee! Whew... Harsh stop. I mean.. It's an Arrow Corkscrew. What do you expect? This is better than Michigan's Adventure's Corkscrew.. Big time. That loop is pretty forceful! That helix does got a bit of jank to it. But overall, this ride is not as bad as I thought it would be! It's actually pretty enjoyable. Wild Thing and Corkscrew! This Arrow Dynamics coaster opened in 1980, with the orginial color scheme of blue and white! Look at this old picture I found of Corkscrew! This is it now! The ride is 85 feet tall, reaches a max speed of 50 mph, and has 3 inversions! This ride is pretty short with a length of only 1,950 feet of track. I actually like this ride! I think it's a bit janky with that helix at the end, but other than that, it's alright. ALL HAIL LORD SNOOPY! High Roller is up next! I kept getting tempted... and this one got me. I guess I'll take my camera on this one too. Here goes nothing! There were some good views up there! Uh oh! Ahhhhh! Airtime! Hey Wild Thing! Tear down Dinosaurs Alive Valleyfair! You already closed it. What's next? Big pop of ejector! I see you Renegade! Wow! That was fun! Look at Corkscrew! Rode it again in back! High Roller is awesome! It has some great airtime! It's 70 feet tall, only 10 shorter than Corkscrew, but also 50mph. This ride is much longer than Corkscrew though, and has some good airtime! I was suprised! I flew out of my seat at some points! Can't stop taking pictures of this thing! It's so pretty! Should I do Extreme Swing? It's taunting me! Eeek!! While we're here, let's ride Wild Thing! This is intimdating! And we are off! The lift starts.. I think I can see my hotel from here! Here we go! Why does it have to always slow down.. Ahhhhh!! I think I can see my car! Mid course that ruins the pace! These bunny hills have no airtime! Wild Thing! This Morgan Hyper is a monster! It stands 207 feet making it the tallest out of the 3 here in America. It has a max speed of 74mph, so it's pretty fast! I do agree that is indeed Mild Thing more less Wild Thing, and that midcourse really ruined the opportunity with those bunny hills. We could've had Magnum airtime! But we got little to no floater. I think High Roller has more airtime. Round 2!! Don't wanna be a credit whore but- There was no line! Wow! That slide is so big... never thought I'd visit the water park today.. Just kidding, I'm in the dry park! But why is the water park smack dab in the middle of the dry park? Renegade! Aw yeah! It's loud! Here we go! Oh gosh! Here we goooo!!! Station fly-by! Wow! That was amazing! Renegade is wesome! This is definently a top tier GCI! This GCI opened in 2007, and has a max height of 97 feet and a max speed of 51.3 mph. It's a bit shorter than most GCIs at only 3,113 feet **PART 2 COMING OUT SOON**
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