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  1. 1982 May I present to you, the biggest addition we've ever added to our park. With much thought, hard work, and savings, Beechwood Creek Amusement Park presents to you, the biggest, the baddest, the tallest and the fastest wooden coaster in the entire state of North Carolina, Carolina Outlaw. Standing at 126 feet, and a max speed of 59mph, it beats the previous record of the tallest and fastest wooden coaster in the state from Thunder Road at Carowinds. The coaster was designed by William Cobb, and built by Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc. We could not fathom the monster that we would have in our park last year. With an outpour of crowds, loans from the county, and fundraisers, we were able to claim a record of our own. Carolina Outlaw will be located in the top left corner of the park, with the closest ride to it being Morehead Log Co. We haven't just built a coaster, we built an entire area! The area will go by the name Cherokee Territory. The area will feature a Flying Scooter, by the name Tumbleweed, and a picnic area that looks over a set of a western town. We went all out with this, putting in a major investment. Our goal is to draw not only families, but thrillseekers and coaster enthusiasts! - Scott Winston
  2. 1982 Beechwood Creek is officially opened to the public! Beechwood Flyer is a big hit among guests, the same goes with Silver Bullet of course! Hurricane had the longest line for most of the day. Not because of it's thrill, but because of it's low capacity. It was a pretty cool day, but that didn't stop anyone from getting soaked on Morehead Log Co.! As the day was wrapping up, I decided to grab a ride on the Beechwood Wheel. I got some great views of the sunset from up there. But, the fun didn't stop there, it was just getting started! Night came, and the park was teeming with life! I snagged a ride on Silver Bullet, and my oh my what a ride! That is easily my favorite roller coaster at the park. Wait, what's that in the distance?
  3. 1982 Happy New Year everyone! Like I promised, here you have it!: We are opening our doors to you all March 1, 1982. From here on though however, our team has decided to stop with the updates from now. We want the park to be a suprise for you all! We are about 75% complete however, so it won't be long until you all can come explore! - Scott Winston
  4. 1981 Hello everyone! I am now back from my vacation. I had a great time off, we went around the south and travelled to many theme parks for ideas. Our team has added so much stuff! Let me show you! Welcome to our park, Morehead Log Co.. The name is taken straight from my hometown I grew up in, and it is an Arrow Log Flume! We are glad to have worked with them on this, mainly because they have a bunch of rides that I think would fit perfectly in our park in the future. It utilizes the park's natural pond to offer some nice views during the ride. And finally, we have the classic Bumper Cars! We got heavy inspiration on Charelston Garden's Bumper Cars, so with their permission we decided to use their ideas into our ride. Right now, we are about more than halfway done with the park before it's opening day which I will announce the following New Year's Day of 1982 (Jan 1 2023 y'all!!) This is one of our biggest updates yet, and I can't wait for this park to finally be complete! - Scott Winston
  5. Coming back to this. I loved to read this fourms YEARS ago, dreaming of one day making my own timeline park! And now that I am much older and have an account on here, I revisited some old fourms, and it brings me such nostalgia. To see people on this thread that I used to message all the time on my old account, it just makes me feel happy. I miss these times.
  6. 1981 It's getting close to the end of the year! I decided to take a daytrip down to Charleston Gardens Amusement Park. A park that is sprawling and really thrilling! I needed ideas, I'm on a creator's block. The entrance is very pretty! You can see the wooden coaster "Derecho" peaking over the trees. This is probably my favorite ride in the park. I love how big and fast it is! It really takes your breath away! It's also REALLY photogenic! You get such good views of the park on this bridge. Heatwave! That's mainly it for today. I'm taking off on a break, so updates won't happen as often. But when I do return to work, hopefully the team has built many amazing things for us to explore! - Scott Winston
  7. 1981 Silver Bullet Looping Rollercoaster to open at Beechwood Creek Amusement Park Here we are! The star attraction for the park. It will join along Hurricane and something else 'wink wink' for the opening day of... ____! We still haven't announced it yet, but we will on New Years Day 1982 (Jan 1 2023 you guys! :P) Silver Bullet is a Schwarzkopf Looping Star like Looping Star from Jolly Roger Amusement Park in Maryland. Yes, that is where we got Hurricane from. While we there to inspect out the ride however, I couldn't just notice how beautiful Looping Star looked, I knew we had to have it in our park! Silver Bullet is 80ft and 52mph. The big part of the ride however, is the vertical loop after the first drop. It's such a weird feeling to be upside down! It took about 4 weeks for the ride to be built. And it's super tall! You can see the ride from the parking lot! I am so estatic to share this with you all! And I can't WAIT for all to ride it on opening day! - Scott Winston
  8. UNCW Today : Vol. VII, No. 2 1981 New Rollercoaster Teased for Local Amusementpark being Built "Amusement park in Pender County leaking what could be the next thrill ride for the state. Beechwood Creek Amusement Park is current;y in the proccess of being built. It is off of Hwy 40 near St Helena and Burgaw. It is being built by broker agent Scott Winston of Morehead City. Locals are starting to speculate what this could possibly be. And if it could rival North Carolina's premier park, Carowinds who just recently opened there Carolina Cyclone rollercoaster , which is the first rollercoaster to go upside down 4 times. Updates are yet to be announced on this, so we will have to wait and see."
  9. 1981 It's now fall time, construction has started to slow down a bit, but we are still up and running. We've mainly worked on establishing the area around Hurricane to make it feel more complete. And we've had another mysterious shipment come in. I wonder what this is for? I wonder...
  10. 1981 A Hurricane has struck the coast of North Carolina! We have installed a Pinfari Zyklon Z40. But it's not ours. It is relocated from Jolly Roger at the Pier at Ocean City, Maryland. This is a photograph of the ride as it operated as "Zyklon" in Ocean City, Maryland And here is Hurricane. We've repainted the track blue, (We've kept the supports the same color), and we have upgraded the technology within the ride such as cables and sensors. This area is coming together very nicely! As you can see to the right we've got a Bennet Paratrooper which we have decided to name Tropical Twisters. This is our biggest update yet! And we are so happy to share this with you. As construction begins to progress into the fall of this year, if it all stays smoothly, we might be able to announce an opening date at the beginning of 1982. - Scott Winston
  11. 1981 We just recieved a shipment, and our team spent the past few weeks assembling something ground breaking. All I can say is : Watch out North Carolina! A Hurricane is coming ashore. - Scott Winston
  12. 1981 I told you it wouldn't be long until I got some pictures! Me and my son hopped into a helicopter and flew over the site to see how much progress we have. This is why you don't let your son handle the camera. Besides that however, you can get a decent perspective of what we've worked on right now. It's so cool to look at this from up here. And while we were up there, we planned something big. Who knows what could come here soon! - Scott Winston
  13. 1981 Hello once again! Our team has been working hard to build up this park, and we have some new things that have been built. I went down today with my son to show him around, and there was 2 new buildings. This is the gift shop (We don't have a name yet, suggestions?) It overlooks the Chairswing, and the pond it sits on. I love the way this building looks! This is a shaded building. We didn't know what to fill up here. So we just put some Skeeball machines and some tables. I would imagine this being sort of a gathering area. And you can see that there is restrooms adjecent to it! That's it for now. I think we are renting a helicopter to fly around the area and check out what we have so far. So it won't be long until I get some pictures of that! - Scott Winston
  14. 1981 Big update! We have officially installed our first ride at the park! Beechwood Flyers. This Chairswing ride will spin you around and around over the water, offering great views! And, it looks stunning as soon as you walk in! It looks so pretty over the water! It looks intimidating from the entrance! You can see our construction supervisor in the picture. He's not a fan of the ride! That's it for this update, can't wait for you all to see what's coming in the future. If you have any suggestions, reach out and tell us! We are putting advertisements on local papers to try and get popularity. We've also had many of you come out to say hi and check out the park! To all that have done that, thank you! We are glad you get to see a piece of our mind and this project. - Scott Winston
  15. 1981 Hello again! The park has just officially finished the resturant at the entrance of the park! This will be known as Greenway Burgers! This is the outside of the resturant. There is a few tables where you can sit at and look at the wonderful enviorment! I had to grab a bite! It smells so good in here! That's it for now! I will get more photos later and update you all. - Scott Winston
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