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  1. If the lights get off there comes a sound and the train starts riding through some bones and a little bit other decoration, it looks like it's not ready and there will follow something.
  2. Yes, it closes after you came through the door, before the door its very dark und you don't know where you are.
  3. On the photo gallery of Wicked I found one picture of the station: http://www.urshoeer.de/blog/gallery/index.php?id=24
  4. Here are some more pictures, I will take some pictures of the station in two weeks if you want.
  5. I wil search some new Pictures an post them, in latest 2 weeks I will be at Black Mamba again. Then I will take some pictures from the best station I've seen ever.
  6. Sorry, but my English is not very good, but I try to describe it. On the first part of the track (the 5 inversions) Black Mamba doesn't have some strong Ge-Forces, but on the second part (the Helixes and Turns) Black Mamba does have good Ge-Forces (4,5G) for a long time and a little bit Airtime. A very good Coaster with the best Station I've seen ever, Some Soundeffects and Lighteffets, a great adventure! Shall I show you some more pictures?
  7. Hey, Here I want to show you some Black Mamba Pictures! Greets from next to Phantasialand, Yannick
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