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  1. I’ll refer you to something that I hinted at a couple weeks ago: Expect Great Adventure to operate 14 coasters by the end of this year, if not the end of next month. Big retheme in the works to little kids area near Jersey Devil…RRR up first with new theme, some (but not all) other seaport rides to follow next year
  2. Oh, don’t get me wrong. He has every right to be skeptical given their track record. I will say though, there’s definitely a new culture inside the company post pandemic. You’ll see it throughout this year and next
  3. Operations will most likely be a major challenge at first given the need to train team members on a moving platform. Park will not open the ride to public without all four trains, unless one of them has major issues. Also, be on look out for dinosaurs this weekend. Not open yet but from what I hear should be visible behind Safari station now.
  4. Note the one train already with water dummies. It’s a crazy ambitious time frame for sure, but don’t be surprised if you see trains running the course next week. That’s the plan at least.
  5. Can confirm two things recently posted in this thread: 1. Park has received clearance from the state to operate Kingda Ka and Zuminajro at the same time after some modifications to both attractions. Unclear when this will actually start but could be as early as this weekend. 2. Park is still targeting opening Jersey Devil within the next two weeks, hopefully by Memorial Day Weekend.
  6. Great Adventure’s Dino Drive-Thru/walkthrough is shaping up to be better than a lot of the other parks. Same Dino’s but will be more of a “safari/Jurassic park” type of feel.. not in the parking lot like Fiesta Texas Might get overshadowed by Jersey Devil though.. will likely open very soon (if not same time) as Dino’s
  7. Great Adventure’s will be much better though. Much better area selected will add to theming of experience and make for better photo ops
  8. Park has already confirmed that this is not Jersey Devil related. Animatronic Dinosaur walkthrough. Same one that was previously done in New England
  9. I do believe there are still Little Devils in the details left to be discovered about the Jersey Devil Coaster area. Perhaps back to 14?
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