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  1. Bayern Kurve is indeed my favorite flat ride... so naturally was disturbed about Kennywood's actions. It has come full circle since I "lost" my Kurves at Cedar Point, Kings Island, Geauga Lake, Canada's Wonderland, etc when I was young. The happiness I felt the first time I went to Kennywood and saw, even from the road, that this park had one. Back in the old pre-internet days, you didn't know what the park had til you got there. Kennywood was always on the list to visit once I learned they took special care of the historical rides... Kangaroo, Noah's Ark, Old Mill, Paratrooper, Whip ... happy that my kids also got to enjoy these rides as we often visited while traveling from Connecticut back to the families in Ohio each year. Always afraid that Kennywood would go full corporate like Six Flags and Cedar Fair, and surprised it took so long to do so... Sorry... had to rant on my first post of any kind on this website.. and agree, if Kennywood can't do it anymore... sell the rides to Knoebels-- they know and care about preserving the classics!
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