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  1. Not surprising really as other big theme parks have cancelled/scaled down their projects until a steady flow of revenue returns. Disney is coming up on their 50th anniversary as well this fall and their new projects are likely not going to be done in time so I'm sure they have scaled back on their big celebration too.
  2. A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to explore the core of Six Flags STL's Entertainment Department and Operations with a behind the scenes tour. With approval from the HR Department, they allowed me to share some of the photos from our tour with everyone here. I hope you guys enjoy these and a HUGE thank you again to those that made this possible! Old Glory Amphitheater: Once Holiday in the Park is removed from storage, many of the items are placed on the Old Glory stage for refurbishment, staging, and construction before being placed through out the park. This allows th
  3. Thank you @bert425! I usually get the display up within a week since I only have a week off of school before Thanksgiving. Thankfully my family are wonderful hardworking elves so I don't have to install all 40,000 lights by myself.
  4. I guess I didn't think about that, but you are right! Even the Fox and Muny didn't have shows this summer. I am majoring in Digital Media with an Art minor so I am definitely more interested in the technical side. I would love to take on projects both digital and physical! Helping decorate and fabricate decorative props is something I'm extremely interested in. The last 8 years I have done a huge Christmas lights display which is something I am extremely passionate about doing, so I feel that could translate well for the holidays at theme parks.
  5. Unfortunately that was my plan after graduating this December. I was hoping to do a college program/internship with them and then work my way in from there. It is looking like regional parks are doing better at the moment since they don't rely on international travel so that's what I'm trying for at the moment.
  6. That is great to know! I assumed it would be under that category but I wasn't sure since it's more of a technical craft than performance. I'll try to do some more research under that category. Thank you @castaway_kid!
  7. I'm curious if you know what department or title these workers fall under? I'm currently searching some career options and this kind of decorating would be right up my ally!
  8. I'm curious but does anybody know if Six Flags STL decorates their park for Halloween & Christmas in-house or do they contract with an outside company?
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