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  1. I don't know if anyone else here has done it yet, but I got a chance to do it Saturday afternoon. The posted wait time was 45 min but it was closer to 30, not bad at all. First of all let me say the theming is amazing. Pretty much all of Wild Arctic is redone (except for the animal section at the end) and looks like it stepped right out of the movie. Granted, I have never seen the movie, so most of the footage used in the ride itself was unfamiliar to me, but I enjoyed what I saw. It does break one unspoken rule about simulators, it keeps switching from 1st person to 3rd person and back as opposed to remaining in the 1st person. This didn't take away from the ride for me, but it might for some. Overall, I enjoyed it and hightly reccomend it if you're in town to see it.

  2. Your pics are amazing, photography must be a hobby of yours or something. On a different note I can't wait to hit up the Food and Wine festival next week and eat my way around the world showcase. What's wrong with the white congealed stuff, looks like mashed potatoes to me...

  3. Now being that there is much discussion of Gwazi here I feel compelled to share this. I rode in the second row of the Tiger side yesterday and actually found it ALMOST tolerable. I was very surprised. Usually it's so rough it nearly rattles my friggin' teeth out like the Lion side after it. Come to think of it, all the woodies I've ridden so far have been really rough (Grizzly, Hurler and Rebel Yell all at KD and of course both sides of Gwazi).

  4. I read his obituary on fox news the day he died, he has an amazing story. He was a Holocaust survivor and worked with the resistance in France against the Nazis. I'm with steel, anyone who can express themselves with their body in such a subtle and beautiful way I have a lot of respect for. We don't have artists like this anymore.

  5. But you don't understand, how could her perfect little girl do anything wrong? UGH...stories like this burn me up. They're becoming more common too which is even worse. Look, you don't follow the park rules, there are consequences, even if that does make you a Nazi. Yeah, you did the right thing bud. I can't think of any horror stories right now but I work for a bank so I'm sure I have some.

  6. That did confuse me, I thought "wait, opening night is friday", then you explained about employee preview and it all made sense. Well as it so happens I'm going on satuday the 29th. I'm also going on Oct 21st because a friend of mine is coming down from NC and he wants to go. I was there yesterday buying the tickets, the park looks amazing, I'm thinking this will be a really good year.

  7. Ok, just got back from riding it in person, I'm very impressed with how much work they've done on it in the three months it's been closed. It literally feels like a whole new ride. One thing that no one has mentioned yet is the lighting, a lot of it has changed and it really improves the atmosphere of the ride. The stretching room has been vastly improved, the new stair scene is impossible to take in in one run through, and the attic is all new. The floating crystal ball in the seance room and the new undead bride are both decent effects but not great ones. Also, the audio is crystal clear now everywhere, and in the stretching room in particular has been given this strange filtered, stereo effect. Hopefully one day I'll get to DLR so I can compare.

  8. I agree that there's got to be more to this story, especially from what the PR lady said. When someone approached her to move to a designated area, she probably looked at them and said "f*ck off". I watched this happen once at the magic kingdom, and sadly it was the bf of the friend of mine. He was smoking in the area outside of splash mountain where you see the characters sometimes. A cast member approached him and told him he couldn't smoke there. He got pretty belligerent and I thought she was going to call security but she didn't. It seems there are polite smokers (most of the guys that have posted here) and there are obnoxious smokers, and my friend's bf (and this lady it sounds like) definitely fall into the category of obnoxious smokers.

  9. I think it's interesting to see the responses and how they differ based on how old you guys are. As in most people mid 20s and up say they would save and/or invest most of it. That being said, here's what I would do in no particular order:


    1. Pay off all my debts (credit cards, student loans)

    2. Buy a new car (something fun but still practical)

    3. Pay off all my parents debts and pay for whatever they want done to their house. They sacrificed a LOT for me growing up, it's the least I can do.

    4. Tuition to go back to school to get a degree in something I enjoy (in this case, music)

    5. Buy a house

    6. Invest and/or save the large majority of it

  10. Hey, I wanted to share an encouraging little story with you. I know a couple that got pregnant a second time and ended up having a little boy. When he was born they discovered he had a rare genetic disorder: he had no kidneys. He died 8 hours after he was born. It's been three years since that happened and they are now proud parents af another little boy and a newborn baby girl. Let me tell you, that kid more than makes up for the fact that he's the middle child AND the only boy. I guess what I'm trying to say is, there is hope after that kind of devistating loss. I wish you and your wife the best.

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