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  1. Would Six Flags be the one paying for the ride though? I thought since the park is owned by EPR properties that they would be the ones paying for any investments in the park and that Six Flags had just leasing rights to operate the park for EPR. This is all way beyond my knowledge but I didn't think Six Flags was paying for the rides with it's own money since they don't own the park, right?
  2. Yeah, my bad I meant it about the HUSS models. You see the smaller versions here and there but I think there were only ever 2 of the HUSS models in the States. Was a great ride though, I can't do the spinning rides like I used to but the UFO never bothered me. I always thought it be great to put in the spot occupied by Lasso, next to Blaster Off, and move Lasso back by the Silver bullet / rock wall area. I was just wondering if anyone knew if it's been scrapped or if they still have it in storage.
  3. Does any one know if the main base/arm pieces for UFO and Ranger were scrapped with Batman the Escape coaster? I find it interesting that they are building a new cold storage building and now I can't see these pieces in the storage yard and wondered if they got moved into the current storage area and the new building will help hold whatever gets displaced by those pieces coming inside when the season ends. I still see the main boat for Ranger but the cabins for UFO are gone as well. I thought someone mentioned why Darien lake keeps these old rides disassembled in storage for so many years but it was a while back and I forget exactly what it was. I don't know, I guess I'm clinging on to the hope that UFO will come back one day. Always wondered if they could get a company like Chance rides to do a upgrade/refurb since I bet the patent on UFO is over, and it is such a unique ride. I mean I'm willing to bet the closure of it was due to that fact that parts must have been an expensive pain to get from HUSS, but if Chance were to retrofit the ride with new hardware it could come back and not be a total maintenance nightmare? (In the bottom picture, to the top right just below the road you can see the white are and base of UFO and next to it sat the cabins. Over the years Ranger was added next to it and the two sat side by side for a couple years until just recently as seen in the top picture.)
  4. I used google maps and the ProSlides Behemoth Bowl 40 and TornadoWave 60 hybrid from Over Georgia, since someone said that the footage from the announcement includes this slide and another and I think this was the bigger of the two, and as long as I did my scaling correct it could easily fit in the strip behind Kahuna, behind Brain Drain pointing north to south, or even in between brain drain and tornado with it's splash down pool fitting right in that grass plot.
  5. I've been on a slide with that sort of wave element before at Kalahari indoor water park and it's definitely worth a ride. The only thing I'd be worried about is that on the one I got on they had rubber "rumble strip" like things to slow the tube down and they were a little uncomfortable but with enough weight in the tube the drop is still great fun and exiting into the turn with all that speed is great. I'm not surprised to see they went with a water park addition as I'm guessing that since Darien Lake has largest water park in the buffalo region that it's a bit fail safe. It'll be interesting to see where they put it though, as the lazy river could definitly use a slide next to it for some added shade and to give it a sight other than that of the parking lot. I don't mean to suggest that they are tearing up parking lot to make room for the slide, but to see something more on that side of the water park would be nice. The wave pool with Torando and Big Kahuna to either side always had a nice "cove" or "bay side" feeling while the lazy river is always feels like an industrial park with the parking lot right next to it. I don't mean to hold Darien Lakes water park to almost Disney levels of sight line control but I still think it'd be nice.
  6. Could it ... *gulp*... could this really be the long awaited return of the legendary Barracuda Bay?!? The only slide ever known to have a midcourse section that slows you down just as much as the midcourse brakes on Goliath at SFMM? Edit: I believe I meant to say ‘Cuda Falls
  7. Hi! I'm matt and I have grown up going to Darien Lake every year since I was born. I have been following this forum off and on for a while now and finally decided to jump in myself today. I was wondering, does anyone know if UFO is still in storage by that barn and silo thing on property or did they scrap it?
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