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  1. Thank you so much! That gives me a lot more confidence. I had been worried after googling around and seeing a report where "multiple" people ended up not able to fit to ride Monster. There was no mention of their exact size though, so this helps!
  2. Hi everyone...I joined this site just to ask this question. So number of years ago, I had to do a walk of shame off of Prowler at Worlds of Fun. I didn't even try to ride roller coasters for years after that, despite how much I love them, out of not wanting to experience that again. I've since used that as motivation, and have lost a significant amount of weight, though I am still overweight and am working on losing more. This summer, I rode every roller coaster at Worlds of Fun - victory! However, I still required the larger seats on Patriot. I have a family trip to Adventureland coming up and really really want to go on Monster, but am a little nervous, as WoF has no roller coasters of this type. I currently wear a women's size 18/20 and am 5'10". Has anyone been a larger rider, or been with a larger rider, on Monster who can tell me what sizes did or did not fit? Just wanting to avoid embarrassment if possible but still ride if possible! Thank you.
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