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  1. Friday May 17th 2019 Predator is up and running!! Blast off still not operational
  2. Yeah the RoS crew was by the slowest of the bunch and tantrum crew and viper were fantastic while I was there Friday. They need a minimum 2 trains on RoS and viper and predator. It would make the entire park experience so so much better. But they never listen
  3. Was SkyScreamer testing today or something? Why were the seats so high up the tower? A few maintenance members were on top working on it while I was there. It slowly went up throughout the day . Park closed at 5 Around 70 cars total at the park along with 7 school buses. Not many people 50% of the rides and food stands were closed and one train operations made the experience slow and upsetting at times. Especially ride of steel when someone is to big for the ride they have to reset the lap bars and it takes over 7 minutes to dispatch a train
  4. Friday Trip report Blast off still not in operation or installed Mind eraser closed Predator closed Pirate closed Big wheel closed Rolling thunder closed Slow lines and slow food service
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