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  1. Hi, I am posting this as I am having a bizarre experience with management of the CNE. In 2017 (or possibly the 2016 season, but I believe it was 2017), I went to the CNE alone and saw a very large rollercoaster from the midway. It had a significant climb and first drop. I rode it with some strangers as I was alone. I remember looking at it and thinking the first drop didn't look extremely steep, but the rollercoaster was NOT the Krazy Mouse OR the Blitzer, the two current coasters at the Ex. The entire management denies ever having any large coasters at the Ex since the days of the Flyer, but this is simply not true. Even workers who've worked for the midway company for 30+ years are adamant that there was no large coaster there last year or the year before, or even for more than 10 years. So, if you rode this large rollercoaster last year or the year before, I need to hear from you. Perhaps you may remember the name of it? I was born in Toronto, I was not dreaming, I'm not psychotic, and it wasn't Wonderland, I haven't been to Wonderland in over 10 years. It was the CNE, and I have a very good memory (I can remember being diapered, but all management is telling me this rollercoaster never existed at the Ex!), and this coaster was not a "tame" one like the Blitzer or Krazy Mouse. It started like most large coasters, with a significant ascent and first drop. Any info on this coaster from anyone would be greatly appreciated. If only I had snapped a photo of it as I was watching it and deciding whether to ride it, then I would have proof! I feel like I'm the only one who saw this "Snuffleupagus", but it was there and I'm sure many other people rode it! It's as if there was some incident, and that coaster was removed from the grounds, like a big cover-up! The Director's office denied there being any large coasters at the Ex for over 20 years! Please reply with any details about this larger coaster that wasn't there last summer (2018), the colour or name would be very helpful!
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