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  1. This Denver Post article is quite upsetting. The victim's lap belt wasn't fastened when the ride operators started the ride.
  2. I went to Kennywood for the first time on Sunday, and I had a blast! Due to a weather delay on the first leg of my trip and weather concerns for Monday, I decided to take a chance and fit Kennywood in for the second half of the day after riding Leap the Dips at Lakemont. I realized that I probably wouldn't get much in at Kennywood and decided to just take it easy and enjoy what I could. Because of the change of plans, my original coaster riding companion couldn’t join me, so it was just me and my coaster-phobic friend. Kennywood wasn’t as busy as I expected for a Sunday at 3:00pm. I walked straight to Steel Curtain to check out the line. It was posted at 45 minutes. Not bad compared to the reports of 2 hour waits, so I got on line. It seemed like all was well until they began cycling empty trains. After the 3rd or 4th empty train, I left and went to Phantom's Revenge, which was my most anticipated coaster. They were only running one train at that time, but the 25-30 minute wait was worth it! This ride lives up to the hype. It was hauling, and I loved the air and view coming over the second hill. After Phantom’s Revenge (or is it Antom's Evenge?), I went on my most anticipated woody, Jackrabbit. They were running two trains and the line wasn’t very long, so there wasn’t much of a wait. The line cut off right before me, so I got the front seat!! Such a fun ride! I love the classic woodies that don’t break my back (like Leap the Dips did!), and the double down is, like many have said before, a high point. My coaster-phobic friend snapped this on-ride photo of me! Next I rode Racer, which also had a short wait. It was my first racing coaster, and I had fun on it. I was in the blue train, and we tied with the green train! After Racer, I rode the Whip, which has always been a favorite flat of mine. My coaster phobic friend also turned out to be whip phobic, so I rode it alone and my cart was extra bouncy. Surprisingly, my friend suggested the Pittsburg Plunge because there was no line and we wanted to cool down. We walked right on, got seated in the back, and of course came off soaked. I haven’t been on a Shoot the Chute since the 90s, so it was a fun way to cool down. We also took a spin on the carousel, which is quite nice! I snapped a photo of Phantom's Revenge and the Whip while waiting for the ride to begin. Because my friend had fun on the Pittsburg Plunge, I tried to get him on the Jackrabbit. I wanted a second ride, and I hoped I could work him up to riding Thunderbolt, but he didn’t trust my description of the Jackrabbit as mild ( I did however get him to ride Leap the Dips earlier while at Lakemont, and he had more fun on it than I did!). I didn’t want to waste time looking for a solo rider for Thunderbolt, so I skipped it. It does look like a lot of fun, and I will make it a priority on my next visit, whenever that might be. Finally, I went back to Steel Curtain where the trains were no longer empty. They were running two, but loading seemed quite slow. Overall I think I waited about 30 minutes because I got to skip the line when they needed a single rider. Not bad for a Sunday!! Going into the visit, Steel Curtain wasn’t one of my most anticipated coasters, but wow! It was smooth, forceful, and fast! I loved the dive drop, and there are some strong positive gs when they snap the photo! It was a quick trip, but it all worked out and I had an excellent time! The park was nicer than I expected based on descriptions I’ve read from those who lament the passing of the good old days. I would agree that it doesn’t match up to the old-timey charm of Knoebel’s or Waldameer, but the stellar lineup makes up for the somewhat sterile feel.
  3. @Zand It's assigned seating. I didn't notice anyone requesting seats, so I'm not sure if they are accommodating. Have fun today!
  4. I was passing by the park today, so I took a ride on Jersey Devil during member previews. It was down for a bit, but once running they were loading trains quite quickly. There was no line to begin with, but had there been, I think it would have been tolerable. I only rode once, in seat eleven, and it was great! I'm looking forward to taking a few more laps in a couple of weeks. I think it will be a hit with most. I've only ridden one other RMC, Wicked Cyclone, which is high on my list of favorites. I wouldn't rate Jersey Devil as high based on today's ride, but it's a lot of fun and at moments quite forceful. It's a nice compliment to the lineup.
  5. Thank you for the heads up! I won't be alone at Kennywood. I didn't think of Exterminator as a priority, but I'll check out the line first thing and take advantage of it if it's short.
  6. @KPfanThank you! I can handle a good rough and some jostling. I just want to be able to walk and ride more coasters afterwards haha!
  7. @Mike240SX Thank you for the tips! I used to love the back seat until my back went out in the back seat of El Toro a few years back. I still love to ride it, but no more back seat rides for me! I have some friends in Pittsburgh, so I'll probably be doing something around town on Sunday, but I also have it planned as a backup day in case Monday has rain in the forecast. I'll look into making time for Idlewild!
  8. This is my first post, although I've been a lurker for some time. I'm planning a mini road trip with Kennywood as the main destination. I'm driving from Brooklyn to Pittsburgh on Saturday with a brief stop at Lakemont to ride Leap the Dips and the Skyliner. I'm planning on visiting Kennywood on Monday, June 21st, with the idea that crowds will be smaller. Most important rides on my list are Phantom, Jack Rabbit, Racer, and Thunderbolt. It would be nice to ride Steel Curtain, but it's not that important to me. On Tuesday I'll be heading out to Waldameer for Ravine Flyer. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it. This will be my first time at all three parks. Also, my body can't handle rough coasters like it used to (I'm in my 40s), so I usually sit in the front, especially on woodies. If there are special seats I need to know about or coasters to avoid, let me know! Thank you.
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