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  1. Is Six Flags the bigger company? I know they have more parks, but do they really have more wealth than Cedar Fair?
  2. I think what people are most frustrated with is that DL never seem to add anything major anymore. In the late 90’s/new millennium, DL unveiled the Mind Eraser, the Ride of Steel and the Boomerang. They really haven’t added anything of substance since. Heck, DL was once featured on the Travel Channel. It’s been about 20 years since the last major edition to DL. We all know DL doesn’t have it like Ceder Point, Kings Island, Canada’s Wonderland and others, but DL should be adding bigger rides than Seabreeze and Fantasy Island. And to the poster that said that a new coat of paint won’t detour slobs from vandalizing DL. Yes and no. If DL took more pride in their park, it will rub off on the guest. You don’t think there’s slobs that come into Disney World? Even DL can afford to paint over vandalism.
  3. tl;dr: SFDL wont be getting lighting packages. Still wishing theyd light the Wheel again though. That’s ridiculous not having an illuminated giant ferris wheel.
  4. Damn, I wish I had the money to buy Darien Lake. If Six Flags don’t take pride in it, how do you expect the employees and guest to take pride in it?
  5. I think the concept art looks incredible. But the part no one seems to be talking about and to me, the most fascinating thing about Epic Universe is the Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel inspired resort “INSIDE” the park with fountains and all. That looks amazing.
  6. If they still haven’t done anything with the hill, I always thought they could use the hill and redesign it as a putt putt golf area.
  7. Way to go Six Flags and I’m sure they’ll bring back the Looney Tunes characters.
  8. I just want to see the park grow. I commented on another posters comment about the lack of people in the rides section of the park. Yeah, there’s no waiting time to get on rides. It’s convenient, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing. I would rather see the place packed. The only solution is to add new rides.
  9. But that’s the problem. It was the same way on the a Fourth of July. They need to get an attraction(s) that will get people in the rides section of the park.
  10. I can definitely vouch for that. I worked as a bathroom attendant in 97 and 2002. In 97 we might have had 1 or 2 bathrooms to clean. By 2002, it was 4.
  11. Premier owned it and bought Six Flags so that doesnt make sense... When I started in 97, the word was that DL was either owned or being run by Six Flags even though it wasn’t made public.
  12. We’ll see. If you start noticing stuffed Looney Tunes merchandise in the gift shops, SF will probably own it. I remember back in 97. It was an open secret among staff that Six Flags actually owned DL before it became Six Flags Darien Lake. Again, you want to see bigger crowds. You need “major” attractions. They did it before, they can do it again.
  13. There's a difference between that and people who have entirely unrealistic expectations. It's a small market park. It has 8 coasters including an awesome Intamin hyper and a brand new coaster that just opened one a month or two ago which is really impressive considering the market that they're in. Would it be nice if they added a second train on some coasters? Sure. Does it really need to other than a small handful of days out of the year? Not really. None of the posts in this thread are about the brand new, super-fun coaster or the fact that the park is finally getting a Halloween event again (which could be a gateway to Holiday in the Park down the line as they're already pushing the schedule). People posted about those awesome things for like 2 seconds but they've already moved on and they're all back to posting their Darien lake to-do lists. That happens occasionally in every thread, but this fanbase takes it to the next level. Darien Lake actually really surprised me, I like the park a lot. I feel like a lot of the people in this thread fail to appreciate the park that they have because everyone wants it to be something it's never going to be. Darien Lake has the potential to be so much more. I worked there in 97 (Mind Eraser) and 99 (Superman) and I’m telling you there were days that you couldn’t see the ground there were so many people. I still remember Darien Lake being featured on the Travel Channel. If Six Flags put forth the effort, DL could become a major attraction again.
  14. Running another train on the Viper is nice, but I hope Six Flags is thinking bigger than just that.
  15. They do, as does basically every other park in America. The stand next to the bumper cars sure didn’t.
  16. We went to Darien Lake for the 4th. Let me start out by saying, Six Flags has its work cut out, particularly in the midway. The water park is fine. You want to get wet, there’s plenty of options. The water park area was PACKED. Now for the main park. Where do I start? Some of those rides, (the pirate, which was down, and those two rides, the silver bullet and that other ride with the blue cars, are well past their expiration date and need to be replaced. I come there one a year and far too often, too many rides are down. They desperately need to come up with an attraction that will get people in the midway. There were literally areas that had no one. And this is the Fourth of July. I still remember when I worked at DL in 1997 when the Mind Eraser opened. I swear, there were days that you couldn’t see the ground there were so many people. The same in 99 when the Superman opened. It’s been a while, DL desperately needs something MAJOR. No offense, this new coaster doesn’t quite cut it. Old Rainbow Mountain. I would turn that hill, which is an eyesore right now, into a put put golf area. Just a nitpick, but when it’s so hot, as it was yesterday, is it too much for DL to give FREE ice water?
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