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  1. I'm sure your manager love you posting things they say lol (they do know about and avidly check sites like this)
  2. This is by far the most absurd thing I've ever seen here. Its a coaster not a puppy I'm sure you will survive.
  3. I really don't understand people on this thread, you guys care more about being on a website or things showing on google maps, but when actual content or news is posted there is literally no response.
  4. Its a lot better than the other options around western NY that is for sure. but i agree people rather complain about what the park doesn't have rather than appreciating what the park does have. Like who doesn't want to see new flats or better coaster operations? Just because the park needs to be fixed up doesn't mean SF is gonna do it.
  5. Anybody know if R.o.S is still closed? Have not had a chance to go to the park since it closed.
  6. those buses have to be long gone or just beyond repair unfortunately, but i agree would be nice to see come back.
  7. Have not been able to post the past few days, however on Thursday when going to the park there was quite a few employees and a box truck were Cuda' Bay is stored. Probably not much too if but figured i'd post it in case something cool comes of it.
  8. They probably didnt renew the looney tunes licensing at great escape because they are probably bring it to darien lake. Plus i do not really see them bring much themeing to frontier city saying that its already themed fairly well.
  9. odd question, But why has that red bridge by the motocoaster been closed for so long? its unique and it has a nice bath right by the lake leading up to it. just always confused me.
  10. By the way went to the park yesterday and the predator gave the most smooth ride i have ever felt on that thing. i got off and didn't need a back doctor so that was nice! and they were testing tantrum like 5 to 6 times an hour so that was also pretty cool to see
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