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  1. Couple questions:  We will be in a group of 6 visiting SFGA this weekend.  


    1). Any tips of Flash Pass for that many people?  If we are all Diamond Elite (at another park), do we get a free upgrade from Gold to Platinum Flash pass?  Also, is the park very busy nowadays?

    2).  Does Superman Ultimate Flight seems safe for people of different heights and weights for the most part?

    3).  For Whizzer, do they prefer or is there any signage for us to sit "two per seat" or do we need to each line up on a row and take up literally 6 lanes?  Any tips?

  2. Do any theme parks with Enterprises actually require or prefer people to sit two per car?  It seems like you either have one of two issues:  1) a lot of wasted capacity and longer lines (50% at 1 per car) or 2) some potential awkwardness for people in your group.

  3. I have a ride question about Texas Sky Screamer.  Usually rides seem have redundancy, meaning if one system fails, there is a 2nd mechanism in place to prevent an accident.  What I don't understand about Texas Sky Screamer, for starters, is that every seat attaches at a single point.  See attachment. It would SEEM as if that one connection fails, the seat could potentially fall to the ground.  Is anybody familiar with the technical aspects of this ride, in terms of if that one brace were to fail?  Also, when there were high winds, I saw riders up there literally facing backwards as they were twisted around.  I'm aware the ride operators are usually supposed to suspend under high winds.  Now, the seatbelt is high up on the chest (I'm average height), so I can imagine a huge gust of wind for a split second tipping the seat upside down and it being theoretically possible to slip out with how high the seat belt is.




    Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 2.25.25 PM copy.jpg


  4. I thought of one more I had to add to this list.  Does anybody find flight coasters such as "Superman: Ultimate Flight" at Six Flags Over Georgia awkward?  Something about facing down, particularly on the lift hill, is particularly terrifying to me.  Now, I can normally do any "extreme thrill" ride no problem, but the fact of going up a lift hill and when people say "don't look down" you almost have no choice!

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  5. 1 minute ago, thrillseeker4552 said:

    Oh, and no, you cannot unlock the seatbelt during the ride.

    It is also worth noting that Jet Star II was closed for all of 2020, since it is impossible to social distance on the trains, and strangers/single riders often ride together on the ride. With COVID going the way it is, it could very well remained closed for 2021 as well.

    Hopefully once many people get vaccinated we will be post-COVID soon.

    So, you said with 2 riders, the seatbelt isn't tight at all?  Also, you said you cannot negligently unlock the seatbelt during the ride, so at what point does it actually lock?  Does it lock the belt in position when you click-it manually yourself, or does it lock once the ride operator dispatches the train?


  6. I know things are closed until next season, however my youngest son was a little too nervous to go on Jet Star 2 the last time we went to Lagoon.  Can somebody give me info on age and/or height requirements?  Also, I know it has some sort of seatbelt for safety.  Not to sound paranoid, but can you tell me how the seatbelt works, meaning does it actually "lock" where it cannot expand upon dispatch, or when it clicks-in, or what?  Does it expand during the ride?  If somebody younger was being completely negligent, could they un-click-it themselves after dispatch?  Thanks for your help.

  7. On 12/18/2020 at 9:06 AM, coneyislandchris said:

    One of the more awkward things that no one here has touched on yet are Halloween haunts. Don't get me wrong, I love a good haunted house. But a lot of these walkthroughs at the major parks have become very slow moving conga lines, and then you have the people that either overreact to every little thing in the place or try to prove how manly they are by getting in scare actors' faces and threatening to hit them.

    I'd much rather have somebody overreacting and having fun with the experience than have somebody intentionally being lame by ruining the experience for the guests and employees...

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  8. On 11/3/2020 at 6:38 PM, Garet said:

    ^ A lot of people enjoy water rides but aren't interested in getting wet, my son is one of them. Or others want to be splashed but not soaked. If the point of water rides was just to get wet then there wouldn't be all those ponchos up for sale. Korea's new flume has a windscreen and their rapids have covers on them.





    Although this looks so weird to see, I can admit that being drenched in what is essentially filthy "lake water" is not exactly fun.  But sometimes getting drenched is part of the experience and part of the fun.  The trash bag looking things look so stupid.

  9. 3 minutes ago, thrillseeker4552 said:

    As a 21-year-old who considers themselves a "mild enthusiast" (at least in person) and often uses single rider lines, it's not that complicated...

    Be friendly, say hello. Maybe ask if they've ridden this ride before. Casual conversation. You don't need to ramble about all the coasters you've ridden and parks you've been to, nor do you need to be silent and cold. Do people not know how to interact anymore? lol

    Of course, but the previous post made it sound like people are annoyed as hell when the person in the single rider line makes conversation at all...

  10. On 11/4/2020 at 6:28 PM, Garet said:

    Sometimes single rider lines can put you in an awkward position when the person next to you is an enthusiast and wants to strike up a conversation on the lift-hill about how many times they've rode it before, how many times have you rode it before, it's nothing to be scared of, did you know there's a bigger/loopier coaster at another park etc.... and then you get the post ride interview on the brake run...

    So somebody in the single rider line should not talk to anyone at all?  What is the best etiquette?  Make conversation or no conversation?

  11. I remember in the late 90's riding a bobsled type ride where they were instructing all of us to sit two per seat.  Was this awkward for anyone else or just me?  My question is obviously pre-Corona, but was this an isolated thing, or are there other theme parks and rides that encouraged or required everybody to share a seat or sit two per seat?  I was just curious.  I don't go to theme parks near as often as most people here.

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