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  1. Most of those expansions had a substantial part of the bill foot by "cheap" CNL. And glossing over the major expansion of the water park and Motocoaster cost a lot more than Blast Off and a few cheapie rides for Rowdy's Ridge. Even then Herschend with all of its own supposedly deep pockets saw a lot of coasters still running only one train. On another note, no Skywarp but there is a new ride coming. Talk is possibly a Star Flyer/Sky Screamer of some dimension.
  2. It still has both trains (and technically the third) with the second some 95% ready to put into operation if they wanted to. Likely in August. With the exception of ROS which got the new train all coasters that had multiple trains still do if in storage.
  3. Because they can't load/unload trains fast enough for three running to make sense.
  4. Seems rather redundant with Rolling Thunder unless they plan on replacing it already (although a small possibility given the troubles it's had). Footprint space in the same location would be tough unless they also cleared out the Subway.
  5. Corn popper just got a new compressor this year. Pirate is something with the electrical motor controller they're waiting on.
  6. Giant wheel and a number of coasters were supposed to get new lights and paint years ago under PARC funded by CNL. The lights got cost cut pressured to death and the supplier eventually just never delivered at all which is why the lights were all taken down as the new ones were supposed to come Any Day Now. A few hundred thousand for repainting ROS and ME disappeared into the finance black hole that PARC corporate was becoming. Viper at least eventually got a repaint and ME most of the aquamarine track supports redone. Flats might be more doable than a coaster unless SF actually is in works to buy now that they've secured a lease. Otherwise I don't know how much they're willing to throw down without the property in their name. Really, there's been plenty of flat/water ride installs since Motocoaster. Tantrum was a minimal budget coaster install because the clamor at every flat install was 'yeah, but what about a coaster?' and now people are itching for more flats? A tourbillon to upgrade Twister (which has had age issues with its water tanks/bladders) might make sense. That or replacing one of the other oldies like Silver Bullet, Haymaker, or Lasso whose hydraulics have been nearing UFO levels of troublesome. Grizz, Big K, and Hooks are also pretty terminal. I don't know how much lifespan Rolling Thunder has for that matter. It's something of an engineering design turd and has had cracking issues year after year (including at present). Or they could dust off the idea of RMCing Pred which was surveyed a few years back but CNL wasn't in a mood to drop capital cash with the place for sale. That said word is to expect price hikes and much more security requirements next year.
  7. There's a lot of stuff back in that area so could be anything. Electrical substation, greenhouse, wastewater treatment, and fireworks storage magazine are all down that access road.
  8. Being perpetually in flux of being for sale and in the process of bought makes it hard to do much with capital assets (even if they're junk but still on the books). Especially after the aforementioned issues with PARC on their way out. Likewise why Batman took so long due to insurance claims processing and making sure the money went to the right pockets before, yeah, it could finally be scrapped.
  9. There were two built. One really over the top with the fabrication that was more designed to be a display model and another a more standard OCC bike that was road legal. The latter is the one that was for the contest to be given away. Except the winner was a Canadian who wasn't valid for entry (or because the bike wasn't Canada legal) and I believe just got cash. So for a while afterwards the contest bike was displayed with a for sale sign until some guy finally did buy it.
  10. It absolutely does cost more. You've just doubled NDT costs, the amount of labor needed to inspect/rehab those trains, all of the parts/materials that are replaced during refurbishment. It's buckets full of nuts, bolts, bearings, lock washers, tab washers, etc. that get replaced annually, some of them $30+ each you only get from the OEM.
  11. Most of the trains aren't that cannibalized, they just aren't used to save on the cost side of inspection/refurb/labor. Even if a train only gets used half the time when needed it still requires all the same teardown and extra time being inspected each day. The only additional trains I know of that don't require typical annual level refurb to get operational is Viper's third train (yes it technically does exist). There was some intent on readying Predator and Viper 2 trains this year, but don't know how much Tantrum overruns beat that up. RoS second train is a cool million bucks so it's a big pill to swallow. And for that price tag you get Intamin's wonderful fab quality where cars are +/- 1/2" dimensionally out of spec side to side.
  12. In this instance it was damaged by wind the evening before opening.
  13. There's only one of the updated RoS trains and at $1mil for a second I wouldn't hold your breath on that one.
  14. That's about accurate. The intended train is going to have lap bars and the addition of a seatbelt to the design has been requested.
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