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  1. Some painting was done on the Paratrooper 6-29. Painted the arm and a good portion of the lower structure.
  2. I would say there are about 10-12 Bumper Cars right now. Unfortunately the Music Express still doesn't quite qualify as an "express."
  3. This season's retracking was completed about a month ago. I believe all the track now is 2010 or newer from the top of the lift to the end of the turnaround.
  4. Productive weekend working on the Bug. The foundations were pressure washed, the area under the deck was cleaned, the center was painted, and the green and yellow sweeps were painted.
  5. This was Coasterbash last night in Pittsburgh, pa. Announcement of the Ferris wheel coming into the park this season. Also mentioned a kiddie Ferris wheel being installed in Kiddieland. New merchandise will be in the Gift Shop for sale. A new Marina is going to be available. Not sure on pricing. Call 814 382 5115 for more info. 2019 is going to be a great year. The park is adding more to offer guest. And also A big announcement will be in the spring sometime. The park is improving each year and keeps getting brighter for the lake as it keeps making progress. If you never Been to Conneaut lake park come out and visit an Americana landmark. One hundred twenty seven years old this season.
  6. The Blue Streak also got new wheels in the past few weeks. The park got a grant from the Western PA ACE for these wheels.
  7. The water is just what is splashing over the edge of the pool for the slides. It is not there when the slides are closed.
  8. They tend to run the rides on a good cycle, but there is one op that runs them much longer. Here are pictures from last weekend (not mine):
  9. My understanding is the park was sent a letter from the state "strongly recommending" adding seatbelts after the Idlewild Rollo Coaster incident.
  10. Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park repay all delinquent property taxes: http://www.erienewsnow.com/story/36154136/trustees-of-conneaut-lake-park-repay-all-delinquent-property-taxes?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_Erie_News_Now_-_Your_News_Team
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