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  1. I tried downloading it 3x and keep on getting corrupted error message. So I switched to XP and got "Access Denied" and then I went back to the store to re-request the link and now it isn't in the stock. Hmm...


    I kept getting that corrupted error message to on my Vista computer.


    When I switched to my XP computer I used the same link provided in the e-mail sent to my Vista computer and it worked fine. Give that a shot. I just tried it again over here to see if it still works and it does.

  2. I downloaded it again and got the same error trying to open it. I'm still getting the "This compressed(zipped) folder is invalid or corrupted."


    I'll try downloading it on my non-vista computer and see if that works. When all else fails, I blame Vista.


    OK, I just downloaded it for the third time only this time I didn't do it on my brand new Vista infected computer. I used my Windows XP barely functional HP laptop manfactured before the Internet existed and the video works PERFECTLY.


    Screw you, Vista.


    Thanks again for doing this, Robb.

  3. Umm... at point was I infering that ALL people who drink beer are alcoholics? Don't be so sensitive.


    And yeah, I'm switching to Milwaukee's Best now that this Coors news has been discovered. They gotta be owned by Americans. Right?


    It was a blanket statement. I'm not being sensitive.


    Milwaukee's Best is a Miller beer. You're out of luck again.


    No... you were being sensitive and saying something that I didn't.


    Time to go local. Schlitz it is.

  4. This logic can be applied to the InBev buyout of Budweiser as many steadfast American alcoholics will be forced to now drink Coors as Coors is the closest thing to the popularity of product that is Budweiser.


    Just because you drink beer doesn't make you an alcoholic.


    Um isn't Coors part of Miller? If I recall, they're owned by a South African company.


    Umm... at point was I infering that ALL people who drink beer are alcoholics? Don't be so sensitive.


    And yeah, I'm switching to Milwaukee's Best now that this Coors news has been discovered. They gotta be owned by Americans. Right?


    You know though, that actually is an interesting question, at least in terms of certain regions....such as the one I currently live in. Rabid NASCAR fans are well known for their strong allegiance to any product associated with their favorite drivers (i.e. many Dale Earnhardt fans would NEVER be caught dead driving a Ford, or Tony Stewart freaks would never shop at Lowes, etc, etc.), so it would be interesting to see the reaction most of the rednecks would have when told that the europeans now owned Bud.


    Maybe Talladega Nights was prophetic. Maybe we'll end up seeing a European driving a Stella car next year.


    I'm willing to bet your right. Budweiser is a big piece of Americana and seen as the man's man beer. Especially in the geographic region you mentioned.


    On a similar note; the region I am from, the North East, highly values PMW above all else in life. If someone came in and said something lame like "family" or "education" is going to replace P, M or W well... then I will move to an area where my values are accepted.


    This logic can be applied to the InBev buyout of Budweiser as many steadfast American alcoholics will be forced to now drink Coors as Coors is the closest thing to the popularity of product that is Budweiser. Some Americans now have no choice but to drink Coors or else they will burst into flames much like the Tony Stewart fan would if he were to walk into Lowes as you had mentioned.


    I'm buying stock in Coors.

  6. I just saw THIS ARTICLE and then saw that SIX FLAGS STOCK dropped drastically once this news hit an hour ago.



    But even if InBev decides to spin off the theme park divisions, it's not clear who would buy them. A troubled financial sector could make it hard to line up billions of dollars to finance the deal, and many big U.S. theme park operators are cutting costs amid rising fuel prices and a sluggish economy.


    "I think if there were to be a buyer for the parks, it might come from overseas. There are some deep-pocketed players overseas," said Paul Ruben, North American editor for the Britain-based Park World Trade Magazine. He estimated Anheuser-Busch's entertainment division would fetch between $4 billion and $5 billion if sold.



    Edit: Why would Six Flags stock lose almost half its value on this news? Granted it wasn't worth much to begin with but still, how does the Busch Parks potentially getting sold HURT them?

  7. Read between the lines, folks. The family is not aggressively pursuing a case here, Lamar Flatt is. If you remember, almost immediately following the incident, the father was reported as saying the family is not blaming Six Flags, and doesn't plan on suing. In steps that one jacka$$ lawyer that every big city despises, whispers in their ear that he'll only take a percentage of whatever they may win in the suit, and off we go.


    Step one: tell the media what I've coached you to tell them.

    Step two: cry like crazy in court.

    Step three: let me make ridiculous statements to win over the judge/jury.

    Step four: cash your check.

    Step five: PMW.


    I'm confused... Why would the "M" in step five be neccessary if they had already cashed the check in step four?

  8. ^ That's the point guys. The coffee was being served too hot for consumption, and McDonald's knew it was for quite some time. I'm not saying putting in your lap isn't the brightest idea....


    I defended many cases in a world where dumpb people win. Trust me, I don't like cases like any of these. They should but open and close case, but when you put your faith in a jury you never know what can happen.


    Well, then you could then make the argument that McDonalds had a protective barrier in place (the cup) much like how Six Flags had a protective barrier in place (the fence). And both knew that if that protective barrier was breeched that it could cause serious harm. Because a speeding roller coaster or scorching hot liquid is dangerous without its protective barrier.


    Members of the jury I ask you to think about these facts as you make your judgement of this case. Don't let the prosecutions talk of this PMW sway your decision. That's just jibber jabber.


    ...Sorry, daydreaming.


    Man, I should be a lawyer.

  9. don't cite the infamous McDonalds Coffee case if you don't know more about it other than it being "frivolous". It wasn't the first incident, McDonalds had settled in similar cases before, and the coffee was intentionally too hot (intended for later consumption, not instantly)


    There have been tons of lame lawsuits - next time, pick another one to make an example of


    Geez, settle down.


    The point was that lame lawsuits exist that the media feeds to the mass public. Much like how this would be a lame lawsuit to find the park in any way negligent for this teens death would be a big media story. That point is made more than clear by citing the McDonalds lawsuit. So... no. I won't cite something else. Thanks.

  10. This is a nasty accident, and you can't blame anybody else apart from the kid who ran under the train. Everybody is saying that the parents are going to sue, etc, but just because a lot of people would sue in a situation like this doesn't mean the parents aren't going to sue. I would hope that they think rationally without any body else's persuasion and realise that it was their sons fault and nobody else's. And hopefully not sue anybody. Surely anybody who was involved in the incident would be sorry enough for the family, without money being involved.


    Then again, in the UK, a child fell down three stairs in a school playground, hit his head and unfortunatly died. His parents sued the school, the headmaster of the school was locked up, and the primary school was shut down. The school was in a village, and all the children had to be split up and sent to other schools further away. And do you really think that all that could "repay" for the loss of their son? I doubt it.


    I hope the parents don't sue either but lawyers have their magic way of getting in someones ear and convincing a person that it is someone elses fault. Especially when a big coorporation is at hand. But so far these parents sound pretty straight up and understand that the park was not negligent in this incident.


    I'm just hoping that governing safety boards within a state like Georgia and elsewhere don't decide that perimeter security must be WAY MORE strict just because of one idiot. safety boards could say that standards regarding; physical structures, CCTV monitoring, and personnel all have to change. They could all of a sudden mandate change like that and tell Six Flags, tough toogies, pick up the tab and get it done. That is not exactly a minor expenditure for the park to incur at this point.


    I hope it doesn't come to that because so far the perimeter system in place has been working pretty good aside from this one tragic incident.

  11. You know, I wonder how many people saw these kids doing this and feel like crap for not yelling at them for being buffoons or make any attempt to try and stop them. I mean, I'm sure allot of people saw them hopping the fences as a park like that is hella packed on any Saturday in the summer. Or maybe not depending where they hopped over.


    I know if I saw some teens doing this I would have atleast said something to the effect of; "Hey, (insert random expletives) get the (more expletives) back over to this side of the fence and stop acting like you own the place you little (...expletives)!"


    Of course, hind sight is always 20/20.


    Hopefully the news will reveal that someone atleast saw them and yelled at them and not that there were hundreds of eyewitnesses that just "lol'd" watching some teens hop fences.


    Oh, that doesn't mean he WON'T sue the park.


    I'm sure a few lawyers will talk to the parents here and they may change their tune in a heartbeat. If the family sued they will more than likely get something substantial from this. I'm not saying that this family will definitely commit to settling this and get money but the odds of them doing so would point more to the side that they will if past lawsuits are any indication.


    The thing that sucks about this is that this is a lose-lose situation for the park. There is no way that they could come out looking good in the end of this. This is a huge blow to their already skeptical family park image that they are trying to rebuild. Even if the kid got high on crack in the parking lot and then wnadered back in a complete stuper the headlines will still read "Decapatation on Roller Coaster at Six Flags". Plus there will always be the argument that; the fence was too short, there were no guards everywhere, there was no river with alligators in it around all the unsafe perimiters, etc.


    This one act damn near negates what progress they have made or are trying to make. Hell, I already heard from atleast 6 different people today that swore that someone got decapitated ON the rollercoaster. It wasn't till I checked here that I found out that it was a patron going where he shouldn't have. Huge, huge, HUGE public relations blow for Six Flags. And it's not even a event that is slightly their fault.


    Ugh, imagine how much the park will crack down about bringing anything on the ride with you other than your clothes if this kid was trying to get his hat that flew off during the ride. People thought it was strict now.


    Wouldn't that only bring more bad media?


    BREAKING NEWS! A man was killed at Six Flags earlier today when he tried to cross the alligator filled mote around the park, while trying to gain free entrance.


    And if the fences are higher, someone will probably break their leg trying to climb them, possibly resulting in more lawsuits. Seriously, this society is so strung up on not admitting they were wrong, there is pretty much NO way to create a fail safe security system. Someone WILL find a way to f#ck themselves up with whatever they are given...Pardon my language.


    I know... my point was that no matter what the park did to prevent this it wouldn't be enough to stop bad press.


    This act was stupidity personified. Acts like this are something that a million different precautions couldn't stop.

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