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  1. Do you ever ask an intelligent question??!?! Hello! Sweden calling! I really appreciate all the work you have done through the years, and the time you've spent building your site, YouTube channel, and the community. Sir, I hope these questions below are intelligent... I know very little if you've done any technical "behind the scenes" video? This could include pictures / clips of how the parks allow the video equipment on board, how they are fastened, et.c. I think this will demonstrate how secure the equipment are fastned to the ride, when you take your POV's, and an example what the park demand of you, to get your permissions. It also could get us to understand what cameras that are used, and how you manage to get the videos so stable (or non-shaky, if you will). Is that something that could be done, or are feasible for you? It would be very much appreciated! BR, Robert
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