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  1. Honestly, I'm pretty disappointed about this. Kraken is an awesome ride, and eliminating the visuals like the headchoppers after the MCBR, the lake next to the ride, the tunnels, and Mako right next to it really isn't smart. Maybe give it new trains and an updated theme and call it "Kraken the Revenge" or something like that if you just want to increase attendance. Normally, you have to wait 5 to 10 minutes to ride Kraken, and with VR it might take a lot longer. Anyway, I wouldn't want to put on a used and dirty headset with crappy graphics. Coasters are about experiencing everything around you while you ride, feeling the wind on your face, and sharing with the other riders next to you- not about focusing on a silly video-game that will probably look crappy. VR limits your coaster experience and increases wait times, aside from just looking stupid from an off-ride POV. Maybe this will be a hit. I'm gonna try it out at least once, but I just don't think this is necessary.
  2. Anyone else think that Kraken is a really awesome ride? It's intense, lots of fun, and it's fast paced. There's a very noticeable rattle- it's an old ride- but I like it a lot. The pullout from the Cobra Roll that curves up to the MCBR is really intense, as well as the vertical loop and the dive loop.
  3. Yeah. They say 45 minutes, but it's really about double that until you actually get into a car. They show you some animations of the penguins after the "line" is done, but you still have to wait a very long time before getting in a vehicle. I don't think it's worth the ride.
  4. The penguin ride isn't worth the wait. It said 45 minutes, and about 90 minutes had gone by before we even got to see the vehicles. It's an okay ride, it's not that fun really, but there are some good visuals and the penguins at the end are awesome. I'd give it a 6/10. Okay ride, awesome exhibit. I finally got the chance to ride Mako yesterday.... What a phenomenal ride. Wait time said 40 minutes, we were in the station after 15 minutes. I rode in the front row the first time, and in row 3 on my second ride- I only got to ride twice, but here's my review: The lift was steep and fast, and the ride has an awesome view coming out of the station. The drop was fantastic! It felt way longer than 200 feet and really threw you out of your seat. There was a short, straight section after the drop that really helps you feel the speed and power of the ride. The overbanked turn was great, and you get a little lateral airtime coming off of the top. There are some nice positive g's between the turn and the first hill. The first airtime hill was insane- If that's not ejector air then I don't know what is. The turnaround was pretty fast and it was really smooth. The hill with the trim had weaker air than the previous one, but it was still good, and the trim didn't hit that hard. The next hill had some really strong air coming up into it that contrasted well with the strong positive g forces in the curve up. The speed hill was awesome, and in row 3 the air coming down the hill was much stronger than in row 1, and there were more strong positive g-forces coming up into the break run that are followed by a nice pop of air. The drop after the MCBR was pretty good, and the next hill was weak, but still good. The turns were nice and gave good laterals. Overall, Mako is one of my favorite rides ever. Fantastic airtime, smooth ride, great speed and g forces, and a really well paced ride. If only the ride time was a bit longer... 10/10 Manta was a great experience. It's a pretty scary ride at the beginning because you think you're going to fall out of the ride. The drop was cool, the pretzel loop was forceful, and the inversions were nice. I loved the splashdown and the theming, as well as the feeling of flying. 9/10 Kraken was great as well. Great positive g forces, but there was a noticeable rattle along the ride. 9/10
  5. Awesome. I'm gonna be riding Mako soon, so how are the airtime hills, and does the MCBR kill the ride as much as people say? Thanks
  6. How does it compare to the other B&M Hypers, and what was the best airtime hill? Thanks a lot and God Bless
  7. They promised 9 to 10 moments of airtime. I only counted 6 from your review.
  8. They promised 9 to 10 moments of airtime. I only counted 6 from your review.
  9. Awesome breakdown. I still hope they'll tone down the trim, or just turn it off completely. I'll wait to make a judgement after I ride
  10. That's not what I'm hearing from people riding today. Going to try to get on it again tomorrow. We'll see... Let us know please. Enjoy the ride
  11. Trims or not, most people say the first half of the ride is phenomenal. I hope they're just running the ride with the trims on hard now to see how people react, and maybe they'll turn them down after the official opening when they see all the negative feedback- but chances are it will stay this way. Regardless, I am still super excited to ride. Edit: found this on twitter saying the trim has been turned down. Thank God! twitter.com/MrBrianORL/status/739482699698733061
  12. If Mako is your first hyper I'd say you're in for a treat, I much prefer it to HRRR. But I've never gotten that much air on HRRR. Just a few pops before each block brake. Thanks for the response. The thing I think will ruin the ride is the trim. Regardless, I am exited to ride. Also, do you get the "stomach-drop" or "butterflies-in-your-stomach" feeling on the hills and drops? Thanks a lot man
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