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  1. So I went last week to Universal and had a good time. Mummy-- My favorite ride. I thought it was a ride that had good thrills and was fast paced. Plenty of action! Loved it! Simpsons-- Good simulator ride. It kept me entertained. Transformers-- Real good ride. I didn't like it as much as I like the new spider man at IOA but it was still a good ride with good graphics. Shrek-- I thought shrek was a lot of fun! Plus it was nice to get out of the rainy weather on this one. Harry Potter ride-- Fun fun ride. i don't know anything about harry potter but it was a good ride and they theme it awesome back there in harry potter land. Minion ride-- Really enjoyed this one. Great graphics!! ET-- fun litter indoor ride. Reminded me of when I was a kid. Men in black-- fun ride! Enjoyed the competitive part of the ride. I just started shooting everywhere since I really didn't know what I was doing lol. I didn't get to ride the rip ride rocket because of weather Overall it was a good day at the park. I like IOA better since it has some more roller coasters and I feel like the rides there are a little more extreme. Saying that though, I wouldn't trade my trip for the world. Awesome family time!
  2. I just got back from Orlando yesterday. We did SW last Sunday and I have to say it was my favorite park that we did. I'm a big roller coster guy so I loved all 3 of the rides. Manta was awesome! I've never been on a coaster that laid you down like that. It was something awesome and that first loop is amazing on there. Kraken was awesome as well. Good speed, nice elements...I really enjoyed it. MAKO-- was a great ride. They were letting people ride so of course I got my rides in. I did it in the first row and back row. Amazing rides in front and back. Super fast and that first drop is so cool. I felt like my butt was never in the seat. Airtime all over the ride. My ride in the last row was amazing as well. Must ride it in the back row!! We went and saw the the last shamu show of the night. I sat down low with the 2 kids that were with us and had a blast. We wanted to get soaked and we got soaked!! It was so cool!! Overall, Sea World is a great place for a fun filled day!
  3. You have to get the tickets at the park and there is no guarantee they will continue doing soft openings from day to day. Ok, thanks! Fingers crossed I'll get lucky. Where would I check to see if I can get tickets or not once I'm there?
  4. Anyway to get a soft opening ticket for my visit?? We are going to Sea World on Sunday! Thanks,
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