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  1. I am leaning towards just a maintenance issue. I don't want to get my hopes up with a RMC Roar. How mad would everyone be if they RMCed Wild One ?
  2. I fixed that for you and gave it a little extra sugar at the end of it .
  3. They aren't removing Mansion House Hotel, they are just doing some minor renovations to it. Now for Desolation, that is a different story.
  4. It was indeed a very good day to head over to Six Flags Great Adventure! I got on The Joker six times and I waited between 5-10 minutes each time. Like others have said, I wouldn't wait more then 30 minutes for it.
  5. The parking lot was mostly empty the whole day, honestly don't know how that could be. From what I heard, lines were ranging between 20-40 minutes for most of the day.
  6. Do you have a source for this rumor? A good friend of mine is an employee. I agree
  7. I have just heard that the Chance Carousel will also not be returning for the 2016 season. Does Dorney realize that your actually supposed to add rides?
  8. You shouldn't be worried about lines, you'll get on everything you want to within a few hours. Also, don't forget to give Demon Drop a try.
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