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  1. What is the latest innovation in both dry and water slide technology? Can you point me to a good website or article on this topic? Thanks!
  2. Sorry about this LATE answer, but yes, that is me. Of course now I have the Oasis 4 / Code B34 / Unofficial name Symphony of the Seas Pinterest board. Best photo so far is the aft block with the ship's name on it. People are still wondering if it is official(!!!). So I am waiting to see a photo of the bow section with the same name to 'confirm ' it. Harmony of the Seas' bow section with name...
  3. Any new photos of RCCL's 4th Oasis-class ship - unofficialy Symphony of the Seas? Also, we've seen the name on an aft block of the build, but not the bow section. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  4. These new Icon-class ships and Oasis 5 that may possibly be 400m long. If you're an RCI fan who follows the ship builds, can it get any better!? [emoji12] Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  5. Yup. It happens a lot. There were shipyard employees on my Trans Atlantic maiden Quantum of the Seas cruise doing some cosmetic work on the ship. The model looks finished though. And those plants in Central Park look like they have been there for ages!
  6. I have to climb up inside of THAT to ride the slide?!! Woohoo!! Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  7. A photo from Royal Caribbean press Center page. Looking up at the Ultimate Abyss slides under construction.
  8. Moving along quickly, they've installed the launch platform (and maybe the stairs) for the Ultimate Abyss.
  9. A new video by Royal Caribbean (that also includes some shots of the Liberty of the Seas' Tidal Wave water slide, also built by Wiegand) - Engineering the Tallest Slide at Sea: Royal Caribbean Creates the Ultimate Abyss on Harmony of the Seas http://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/video/701/engineering-the-tallestnbspslide-at-sea-royal-caribbean-creates-the-ultimate-abyss-on-harmony-of-the-seas/ Photo by Hervé GL.
  10. They have started adding the metal slide sections to the Ultimate Abyss dry slides on the Harmony of the Seas. They'll be winding their way from deck 16 down to deck 6 over the next few days/weeks. Meanwhile, the Perfect Storm water slides are 99.9% complete.
  11. Finally a sign of construction on the Ultimate Abyss dry slides at the aft end of the Harmony of the Seas. Vertical support posts installed. You can barely make out the port side post behind the AquaTheater balconies in this photo. The starboard post stands out well enough. For an idea of what the slides will look like, check out this model of the Harmony of the Seas at the Seatrade Cruise Global 2016 show this month. Photo by Cruise Ship Supplies Australia. The Perfect Storm water slides are coming along nicely as well ...
  12. I'm a big fan of Harmony of the Seas, but I have to agree with you. I would like to try out the Boomerang slide!
  13. Oui. You live in Saint-Nazaire? You are fortunate to be able to get see the Harmony and Oasis 4, yes? People have been waiting to see construction of the Ultimate Abyss slides begin to find out that it will happen in April. Must be patient. Meanwhile the Perfect Storm water slides are looking good. Almost done.
  14. Virtual view of the Ultimate Abyss as seen from the Boardwalk. Video from shipmonk.co.uk https://videopress.com/v/Ck9Zvheo
  15. The Harmony of the Seas' unassembled carousel is being delivered this month to the STX France shipyard. It will be assembled in March. Journalists visited the Harmony of the Seas last week and took some photos of the ship, including the Boardwalk neighborhood, where the carousel will make its home. Right now, the base await the carousel delivery.
  16. A decent view of the water slides on deck 15 of the Harmony of the Seas being built at STX France in Saint-Nazaire.
  17. Another construction photo of the view from the Ultimate Abyss' launch area up on edge of deck 16. Below is the pool (presently covered) and diving platfotms of the AquaTheater on deck 6. The slides' exit areas are slightly forward of this spot, on the Harmony of the Seas' Boardwalk.
  18. Latest construction photos for the part of the Perfect Storm water slides onboard Harmony of the Seas. Apparently construction on the Ultimate Abyss dry slide at the rear of the ship should start this week according to Nick Weir, VP of entertainment at RCI.
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