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  1. That rendering does not show the stone pillars in question at the base of the lift. The stone pillars in the picture that I posted are in a full circle. The pillars in the rendering are in a half moon.


    It's still in the same general area as a rendering, they just may have decided to make it a circle instead of half moon. It doesn't look like it enroaches into the general ride line. Perhaps its a seperate entry for Fast Pass or a feature spot for people to take photos at.

  2. Has anyone here access to growthspotter.com? There is a new article (28th of March) about this project, but I do not want to spend $40 only to read one article...



    Structural design & layout continue evolving for Skyplex plan


    See above for nine new images of Skyplex elevations and site plans provided in the project's Development Plan filling with Orange County, which should face Development Review Committee review in April.


    Are there any new informations?


    Using Google Chrome "View Page Source" feature, heres what I found on that page code;


    Intamin Amusement Rides, the rollercoaster manufacturer, continues to work with structural engineer Celtic Engineering on plans for the entire structure's design. When finished this spring, a wind tunnel test of the tower's world-record height would follow, said John McNary, project executive for Euforria, a subsidiary of Winter Park Construction that's serving as pre-construction manager on the project. After that (wind tunnel test), we'll be looking to get a set of documents, hopefully in June, that we'd be able to issue to steel and concrete providers for pricing on the tower, garage and hotel, McNary said. This project is unique because you do have three types of structures: the concrete tower, steel tower and the rollercoaster all attached. So we have to analyze the structural design of each entity. After rezoning was approved in December for Wallack's Skyplex property, applying for a DP with the county was on hold through January to allow for a window of appeal time, McNary said. No appeals were made, despite Universal Orlando leading a lobbying campaign against the project through much of 2015. Mango's Tropical Cafe Orlando set to open this Friday, With Mango's Tropical Cafe Orlando set to open this Friday, Joshua Wallack now seeks plan approval for the Hollywood Plaza Parking Garage to neighbor it, with one retail-attraction tenant signed for the ground floor and a fine-dining partner sought for the rooftop restaurant. At the current pace of Orange County's review and scheduling for the DP, McNary estimates the building foundation permits could be acquired in the Fall, with ground broken on foundations in November or December. McNary previously projected that concrete bid packages could be put out for multiple stages, with one for the basement, pile caps and shallow foundations. Concrete for the property's structures like the parking garage, polercoaster tower and hotel could all be bid out in one or more packages. Joshua Wallack came from Miami Beach in June 2011 browsing for a two-story building on International Drive, drawn by an inkling that Orlando's tourism corridor could support a second location of his family's famed Mango's Tropical Cafe restaurant and nightclub from South Beach. The DP for Skyplex specifies plans to build a 35,860-square-foot restaurant, 340,470 square feet of entertainment retail space, 66,751 square feet of general retail and a 350-room hotel on a total of 11.46 acres. Those are in addition to the main attractions: a 501-foot vertical rollercoaster, a 450-foot drop tower, and a 600-foot zip line. We're still fluid with the programming inside, said Skyplex developer Joshua Wallack. "Incredible things are coming, and we'll talk more about that in the weeks and months to come. The project's design ;has continued to evolve since its rezoning approval in December. For example, the square footage measurements for the entertainment and retail areas have grown, while the main restaurant space for Perkins is down about 4,000 square feet, said Michael Chatman, lead architect on the project for Helman Hurvey Charvat Peacock/Architects. We're evolving every aspect of the project, every day. It's important to continue so we know it will be able to be approved by the county, Chatham said. "We continue to work with (Orange County staff) on the I-Drive Vision Plan to create the most walkable and pedestrian-friendly frontage we can on Sand Lake Road and International Drive. We're coordinating the undergrounding of utilities there. HHCP, Celtic Engineering and polercoaster designer U.S. Thrill Rides;recently sent staff to Switzerland in February to meet with Intamin, to coordinate planning for attachment of the coaster to the tower. The coordination of curves and clearances of track, and how they move through the building, is an extremely complicated process," Chatham said


    And the pictures;










  3. Just curious, does anyone know why there are an two level scaffolding set up near the second immelmann loop? (Bottom right on the webcam). It seems to imply some work that needs to be done near or on the track for an extended period of time (rather than a 2-3 day job). At first I thought maybe it would be for sensor placement on the track but they wouldn't need scaffolding for that kind of work right?

  4. I can understand that at first glance, it may look slow in the video, but if you concentrate and watch carefully, you can see the way it flies through the course. You need to take into account the fact that ride is being recorded from far away and the fact that each element is a lot larger than it appears. Compare this to watching a plane "slowly" fly across the sky.


    Even if it IS slower than Skyrush, for this ride we can blame it on losing some momentum from the awesome heart-shaped non-inversion that Skyrush lacks.


    Agreed. The first time I watched this it appeared slow because I was watching the whole train go through the course. The second time I watched it, I focused on the backrow people and they just flew through the whole course with the train pulling them over the humps, it looks a lot faster when you focus on one row of the train. This coaster looks just amazing!

  5. I love Air Race flats! Especially after seeing the great looking one that was built at Tivoli Gardens!!





    Sorry to go a bit off topic here, I love air races too, but this one shown, unless my eyes are deceiving me, shows a 4 seat passenger car. Is this one the first to offer a 4 passenger car, I've never seen one with this set up before.

  6. I even heard that RMC had a bid for the GhostRider project at one point.


    I read that in the Knott's thread. RMC only bidded to do the engineering work, and not include a RMC style track. They lost out to GCI because their bid was only for the engineering work and not the actual construction work since they are already stretched out for this year. GCI bid included both, engineering and construction, therefore they won.

  7. Just an thought.


    If we're going with the assumption the next coaster will be a "gate coaster" could it be possible that the "gate coaster" would be near the NEW entrance? I'm talking about the waterpark entry that Valleyfair is going to build on or near the Excalibur site. So far everyone is assuming it'll be built by the main gate, but who's to say Valleyfair wouldn't make the second new gate one of it's main gate or an gate of a similar size, especially with the size of the proposed parking lot, and there would be room for the coaster using the Excalibur footprint in the back of the park, especially if Valleyfair plans to expand the back of the park after all as well. Just my 2 cents in this conversation of an "gate coaster".

  8. Usually they go in the direction of travel, start with the brakes, into the station, then the lift, drop and so forth. I wonder why they are doing this.


    Because the return section is right next to the pond, if they did the coaster forward run, by the time they get to the return run from the hammerhead, the forward coaster run tracks will be blocking the installation of the return run, it's not like they can lift the return run track over the forwards track due to the fact it'll be too high to lift over as well as they cannot position a crane on the other side due to the pond. You can notice that they're placing the return run track before they install the forward track to the hammerhead precisely for this reason. As well I'm sure they want to install the track alongside the banks once instead of twice as they would have to if they didn't do the return run with the forward run.

  9. TPR will be on a construction tour of ValRavn tomorrow and we will have the ability to ask questions to the uber-important people of the park! What would you like us to ask about ValRavn?


    I believe there was a similar question earlier in the thread but I would like to bring it up again,


    "How does the current Valravn design differ from early schematic designs?" I would love to hear about some of the options that they considered for Valravn and discarded.


    Another question I would have is "How long did it take for Cedar Fair to decide on an Dive Coaster to actually purchasing an dive coaster?" I'm curious on how long it took Cedar Fair to consider all the options and settle on a coaster type to actually ordering one.

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