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  1. While I love those two Intamins, I cannot feel like they severely knocked off every single RMC element. The only two original element I see of those two coasters is the "Non inverting cobra roll" and the quick switch track, while every other element is from RMC, using what is arguably, their signature elements which didn't exist before RMC came along. At least try to be creative and do something different. Meanwhile, I do feel at the same time I'm glad other manufacturers are taking note of RMC and re-using their element to make a more intense and exciting ride. It just feels like they're the cheater of a school test and copying the answer from the smarter kid (RMC).

  2. Glad to hear the trimming doesn't make much of a difference on the rest of the ride. Let's hope that the 5pm closing helps them sort this all out. Speaking of which, does anyone know what the status of certification is? I heard that only two trains are certified and the other is used for parts, can anyone confirm this?


    If this was even remotely true... Why would CP go to the trouble of theming and naming three trains when they "allegedly" knew they'd just be using two trains. Why theme the third train if its only going to be used as part. This does not pass the logic test so it's bullshit.

  3. Hello Paula,


    Just saw your video update on Facebook of your work on the Voyage. As a deaf person, I just wanted to say thanks to Holiday World for your efforts to subtitle the video, it makes a world of difference to me to be able to understand what's being said in the video and that it didn't go unnoticed. Not many companies today subtitle their videos due to the additional work required. I actually visited Holiday World from Minnesota for my Bachelor's party for the first time this year with three other deaf friends and we were pleasantly surprised to see someone who knew sign language at guest service and they were very friendly to us! You made our trip very memorable for us and we enjoyed your park, the Voyage became my #1 wooden roller coaster! Thanks again for your fantastic customer service in and out of the park!

  4. That's a GREAT video. That could really help with things I'm sure. Tragic yes, but taking the human and emotional element out of it for a moment, actually is very interesting to see the ride in pieces like that. Still shocked over this. If it turns out that it was some ride operator error raising the floor or some crazy thing like that, that's almost even more scary (I think?) than metal fatigue and the inspector being a moron.


    I would think the floor raising and/or other ride elements would be locked out by the ride's computer if it senses the ride is in motion, similar to roller coaster blocking. If the computer in fact allowed the floor to be raised while the ride was in motion then that would be a program error I would think. Also if the floor was raised, why didn't the other cars fall off as the ride looked like it was at it's full height swing, on the way back (after the first one broke off), the other cars would hit the floor as well, or people on the other cars feeling their legs hit the floor, so far we haven't heard about any injuries in the other 5 (?) cars and from the aftermath video, they all seem to be running off the ride with no injuries, so I would be more inclined to believe the metal fatigue story than the floors raising story.


    I haven't seen it and I think people are just confused at what they're looking at. There's a video someone took that's about 5ish minutes long of the aftermath and that's actually a thousand times worse than the 5 second clip of the accident itself.

    Where is that one at?


    Here it is, (starts at 0:19)


    It isn't a 5 min video of the aftermath, it's really is more of a 2 min video of the aftermath and the rest of the news broadcast.


    EDIT: Actually I just found the original 5 min video;


  6. It's not a slam. But when you fully enclose all the good stuff, it makes it a lot tougher to remove/alter/fix "the good stuff" later. Wild Wadi doesn't embed all their stuff either, which is how they were able to replace existing slides with trap doors a couple of years back.


    I didn't view your post as a slam on Disney either. It actually does raise a valid and legitimate point, it may as well be for that reason, maintenance. Water slides DO need re-surfacing from time to time. Even my home park, Valleyfair, had to resurface their brand new slide one (or two) years after opening because there was a gap between slide joints and it was hurting a lot of guests back when they went over this joint. New technology is also another good point, having the volcano open on one side makes it easier to add in "new technology" if they wish to upgrade the slides at a future dates like the drop pods example you used, maybe not now, but 10 years down the line, and if the volcano was completely enclosed, it would have to be expensive and time consuming to replace the technology. Or it may as well be simple as having the slides exposed for the guests to see and get a better idea of what they can expect while riding the slide, just like a roller coaster enthusiast studies the layout of the ride before they get on to know what they can expect.

  7. Let the speculation begin as to what kind of element this hill will be!

    Looks like a wave turn to me.


    If you view the picture at full resolution, you clearly can see the track ledgers placement for the rails. It is clearly an outward banked turn, not an wave turn. My guess is that it's an outward banked turn into an dive barrel roll as Storm Chaser first drop at KK. I'm guessing this because of the wood placement for the following ledger is higher than the one before it going down the drop, and that's a sign of the structure being readying for a overhead beam that's needed to support the barrel roll. You also can see the second to next wooden post that does not have a metal ledger also being higher than the last metal ledger. This is truly going to be a kick ass ride if my prediction is accurate.

  8. Wow! 3 Barrel rolls, a short immelmann, and a corkscrew! Looks like a fast and paced ride!


    Also, is it just me or does that first barrel roll looks elongated than usual? It looks like it turns 90 degree exaggeratedly and it juts out to the side to the right exaggeratedly, then the 180 degree of the barrel rolls looks flat with a possible downward slope. It may just be the perspective of the photo but if not, then this may be a hell of a barrel roll!

  9. I love this new drink option, it makes much more sense since some of the rides do not allow the souvenir drinks on the ride even if they have storage bins. I found this out two years ago on Gatekeeper, I bought a souvenir cup beforehand and tried to get on Gatekeeper and the line person told me it wasn't allowed on. So I "hid" my cup in the bushes near gatekeeper entry to retrieve later. While hiding my cups, I actually saw 5-6 other cups in various of hiding places. This would really improve on that and no more "hiding" would be necessary.

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