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  1. That's quite surprising and good to know - thanks! I usually plan my holidays early september and ive found Labor day to be the same
  2. Awesome replies there, thanks a lot. Already visited Gettysburg on a previous holiday and some other sites. We mainly fly to Washington cause the airfare is silly cheap (icelandic airlines are great for flying between USA and EU). Will make BGW a 2 day visit and will take some extra time around Dollywood. The area sounds great. Also got a tip to use Roadtrippers which is also great for those short stops along the way. Us EU drivers arent really used to multiple hour drives.
  3. Thanks in advance for reading an your advice, its really appreciated. We are planning our trip based around theme park visits. I have been browsing the forums and have already gotten some great tips from other threads. I just wanted to present our schedule and am interested what you guys think. Already found loads of great info on food here and not doing SFA. We are in our 30's but young at heart. Around 14 whole days for the entire trip, our planning is flexible and i'm only planning to book the first and last hotel of the trip and doing the others the day before so we can change whenever we want. Thinking doing last week of may, 1st week of June. Fly to Washington (from the Netherlands) Spend a day in DC (been there before so no need to see everything) -> Kings Dominion -> Busch Gardens Williamsburg -> Carowinds Hiking in the Pigeon Forge/Smokey mountains area -> DollyWood NashVille? Jack Daniels Distillery -> SFoG Spend a day in Atlanta Fly home from Atlanta We are planning to do this at a pleasant pace. Probably i'm the only one driving and though i don't mind driving a few hours, i cannot do the fast schedules I've seen here on other threads. Also i love doing parks slowly, enjoying the food, doing rides multiple times and and seeing the atmosphere. So my questions are these: - Are any of these parks worth multiple days? - Is there anything else (non theme park) that are must-see. Already found quite a few national parks and civil war sites that have our interest. - Would you advise other theme parks. We thought quite a lot about going to Kings Island but its pretty far out of the way. - Are last week of may - 1st week of june busy times? Would you advise different weeks? I saw that this is the first weeks that parks are open all week. I prefer to visit during the more quiet weekdays if possible. - Id also like to find a place for some shopping, there are regular malls everywhere i'm sure. I'm looking for something special. On a previous trip in Philadelphia we apparently were there at no tax weekend which was great for buying clothing. Prices are so much lower than at home, especially on jeans. - Car rental suprised me a bit. Because were ending in a different place the rentalprice doubled because of the extra fee you have to pay. I cant recall having to pay that much on previous trips. Is there any way around this or can we mitigate the extra fee a bit? Again, appreciate it!
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