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  1. It's always been my dream to be one of those Halloween bungee people. I've been a scareactor at a local haunt, but that bungee stuff is next level awesomeness. Then again I'm sure it takes a lot of strength... and... yeah.


    Being a ride op on the B&Ms is great! Other rides checking lapbars are not always that fun cause you gotta slouch over, and, you know... work.


    Or you can just stamp everyone all day, like you said. lol.


    Bungee jumping is such a thrill. I did it at Dorney Park's HAUNT occasionally as a Team Leader, and sessions were limited to 20-30 minutes per jumper because of how much energy it required. Totally worth the exhaustion.

  2. In regards to Steel Force, I haven't seen it run 3 trains in probably over 3 years. And the only time I've seen it run 3 is big holiday weekends (like for the Fourth of July). I visit over 10 times a year so Steel Force only running 2 trains is completely normal.


    Here's how I rank Dorney's past and current coasters:

    1. Talon

    2. Laser

    3. Steel Force

    4. Possessed

    5. Hydra

    6. Thunderhawk (buzz bars)

    7. Stinger

    8. Thunderhawk (current trains)

    9. Hercules

    10. Wild Mouse

  3. Even worse, I asked for back row after being assigned row 5, which they had no issue with. But they forced me to ride with the other group in that row even though nobody was behind me. Also, Steel Force is sending trains like crazy. By the time a train approaches the station the other one is halfway up the lift. They're operating as if the park is slammed and I don't understand lol

  4. I was at the arcade getting a voucher from the ticket counting machines after spending $1.00 at some coin pushing machine. The first machine jammed up and when the voucher printed it has Kings Dominion listed. I go to the other machine and on that voucher it prints out Great Escape Lodge as the name. They couldn't even bother to get the correct park name printed on the vouchers. I should have gone to the other machine and seen what park name would print out on that voucher and it will be interesting when I go to redeem the vouchers, if they tell me they are from another park.


    If this isn't the most Dorney thing ever, I don't see what is.
  5. Stopped by the park for a few hours today, and here's a few things worth noting. Kaleidoscope definitely wasn't running as intended last year. This year it is noticeably faster and just seems to be operating more normally, for a much better ride (I haven't ridden KD's troika in a while, but from what I remember Kaleidoscope may even be running a bit faster than that now). Also, behind the old Stinger maintenance shed, there are a bunch of trees and other foliage in planters. I'm assuming this is what will be taking over Stinger's grass area (how exciting). I also got my first ride on Thunderhawk this season. The final turnaround is definitely noticeably smoother, but the ride still sucks with the new trains.


    Edit: Misspelled a word

  6. So was there a fence or anything worth noting down at the old Stinger site? They should setup the old skyride to get people out to the Flying Eagles considering how empty that area is. Turdville.

    Nope, just new normal park fencing where the entrance was and all the same old fencing around the rest of where Stinger was. It's a bit odd that the Cedar Creek Flyers weren't relocated to where the Chance Carousel or Snoopy's Bounce House were. Where it's at now, they may as well just close it to save on staffing.

  7. No one hit up the season pass event yesterday? Damn, was expecting a little rundown of infrastructure upgrades. Hopefully newsplusnotes captures something.

    I was at the park on opening day. There's more things gone than there are new. Stinger is gone, dining options on the season pass meal plan are more limited, and Thunderhawk is closed because 6 months wasn't enough time to retrack 150 ft of track.

    The only things new are the burrito place (which I haven't tried), the Dorney Park sign by Apollo, and more Coca-Cola refresh stations (still no Freestyle stations). They're also teasing Haunt down by the Grave Walkers entrance with new props set up already.

    The only other things worth mentioning is that the holding break on Possessed still isn't working and I've heard the Troika is running at a normal speed now (last year it didn't seem to operate as fast as every other Troika I've been on, but I haven't personally ridden it this year yet).

    And that's pretty much it, nothing exciting at all.

  8. Logically, I think the perfect replacement is a Raptor. There's enough room, and it would be a new, exciting ride that isn't found anywhere else in the Northeast, within the budget I'd expect Dorney to get for a new coaster. Also, It'd be the first coaster since 2001 that has any real chance of becoming the new most-loved ride in the park.


    But Cedar Fair hates Dorney, so we'll see...

  9. With the closure of Stinger, I think the park needs to move the Cedar Creek Flyers to the little plot of concrete where the Chance Carousel used to be. Remove the pavilions/ Urgent Scare and Dino's Alive and put a GCI down there (also using the Grave Walkers land). Just for fun, I Photoshopped Prowler and Renegade into that area to see how something like this would look.





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