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  1. Yes. Sheriffs are elected. Police chiefs are appointed by elected officials. Yes, the rank and file are accountable to their bosses. A miscommunication perhaps, but no assumptions. I was more trying to point out this is a huge mess with 3 different layers. Elected officials, law enforcement, and voters - and at times none of these parties are on the same page. I'm just not sure how we get through this when police and mayors/governors are not on the same page, or even worse, when the TX Gov. issues a mandate, and then faults the law for enforcing said law. No matter how you feel a
  2. You sir, are optimistic. At this point, the only way masks are going away this year, is if people down right refuse to wear them. Although as the weather gets nicer, people are becoming less and less tolerant of the masks and social distancing. Really it comes down to the local law enforcement and if they are willing to enforce these mandates when a large group challenges them. Law enforcement outside of large cities tend to be Republican, and as best as I can tell have been unwilling to enforce these mandates - which as elected officials, it is their job to read the desire of the commu
  3. Gawd. Darien Lake is probably the biggest issue for Monroe County at this point. I'm not sure how you realistically social distance at a theme park. I don't see DL opening in any normal capacity any time soon. Construction will continue as the mandates allow. There at this point (May 15th) doesn't seem to be any reason to prevent construction. I'd imagine this season is a wash at least until August.
  4. The people that keep posting nonsense and think they are smarter than the rest of the room
  5. I was pretty careful in saying amusement park as opposed to theme park (although 99% of the time it's semantics). But let's be honest. Every theme park is either in FL or Cali. Dolly Parton is on the phone, and would like to talk to you. A few others off the top of my head... Busch gardens Williamsburg Sesame place SeaWorld San Antonio Sdc Wild adventure Frontier city Six flags fiesta TX Holiday world Santas village Hershey park Idlewild park Those are just a few off the top of my head. You could probably throw in six flags great adventure in the mix as well. Now
  6. I was pretty careful in saying amusement park as opposed to theme park (although 99% of the time it's semantics). But let's be honest. Every theme park is either in FL or Cali.
  7. Never been, never heard of it, but aside from being a small park, it sure seems to be an amusement park to me. $45 seems pretty steep, but I've never been to FL so...............................
  8. I don't really understand the desire for a ride which at the end of the day is pretty much just a taller version of Lasso, or whatever other generic Yo-Yo type ride. The added height is cool from a taking in the sights perspective, but I personally would much rather have the money spent on something unique, or forbid fixing issues with the park in the appearance or maintenance departments.
  9. Does this mean Beaver Brothers Restaurant won’t be available to park guests anymore? That would be disappointing as I go there for food all the time when I’m at the park. I'm not sure of how much of a pain it would be to exit and go to the Restaurant, but Darien Lake has ?always? allowed you to exit the park and re-enter with a stamp.
  10. If I was Six Flags (and thought the general idea was viable) I would be excited to try it without competition. That doesn't mean Six Flags wants to attempt this yet, or ever, and it's highly doubtful they would have the time to invest in whatever is required, but no competition is always a good thing - Especially in the short term.
  11. And why not? What's the worst case? They lose a month of income seeing if they can make a couple months of income? Six Flags doesn't appear to be stupid, but their also not risk averse.
  12. Is it really unsafe (or hard on the ride maintenance wise) to run the rides in the cold? Seems like an easy way to justify not running rides, but I could see there being some issues too.
  13. Hell. If it's 40 degrees people will go with jeans and a hoodie on, and I'd be one of them. 40 degrees in the winter is like 70 degrees in the summer. You just wear a hoodie instead of a t-shirt. I'd only be concerned about the windchill effect at the top of the lift hills.
  14. It's so far "off the beaten path" and so small, I didn't even notice that. The address appears to be XXXX Alleghany Rd Corfu, NY 14036 (oddly the GIS doesn't give street addresses as far as I can tell). I don't want to provide the Street View, because that seems oddly invasive, but it's empty lot, with a car, a enclosed trailer, a medium sized ?pull? RV, and what appears to be a small private transportation bus. There is also a trampoline for when you want some excitement, but don't want to make the long drive to the theme park . I'm curious to know why on earth a theme park would want
  15. So a little background before I take more credit than is due. Back in 2001 (according to the Wayback Machine) I found a website called SFDL.net. It was a great website ran by Alan Jacyszyn about Darien Lake. Fast forward through what I still think was probably nonsense and the site switched hands (or pseudonyms anyways), and website address change (probably a legit ownership change) and we end up on a website I honestly can't remember the name of. It was some sort of amusement park ride model (real models) website with a forum attached (because that was the 2000s thing to do ). Unfo
  16. As of Feb parking was $10 according to the Wayback machine (They were using the same capture from December of 2017 though). https://web.archive.org/web/20171203042436/http://darienlake.com:80/general-information
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