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  1. I do believe you are reading to far into the email. Galactic Attack might be leaving June 4th but, VR on Ninja won't be. It says at the end "Take one last ride on this exclusive virtual adventure before we take the headsets away and it turns back into regular Ninja". Maybe it's only temporarily leaving? It seems like it's going away at least for awhile though.
  2. Just saw in the pass holder announcements that VR will be removed from Ninja June 4th. It must really not be working well if they are removing it after announcing the new experience not too long ago.
  3. I definitely agree with you on here. In my opinion, they have done a pretty good job adding items over the past couple of years. I believe there are a couple new places that were added either this year or last year that serve boneless wings and some salads and wraps. Personally, I think they should bring in some St. Louis classics, like toasted ravioli, as it is delicious and would add something unique to the dining experience.
  4. You aren't kidding, I went on Wednesday and we waited almost an hour for Bonzai Pipeline. They were only running one of the slides when we were there, so that could have something to do with it.
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