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  1. X2 is indeed an experience not to miss. My favorite part was the twist in the middle of the ride. It just felt like you could take off and soar through the sky. It's roughness however keeps me from having re-rides, that and its massive line. Which is btw always a lot shorter around 4 pm. I was most excited for Tatsu, but it seems like I need to change my priorities!
  2. This does help, thank you. I try not to close my eyes because if I do, I get extremely nauseous. I was a big fan of GhostRider so I think I can handle TC. The two coasters that really scare me are Goliath and X2.
  3. This West Coast Bash sounds amazing, and I'd LOVE to go... the thing is, I was planning to go to MM in winter because of various plans, but I'm sorta flexible. So does anyone know when it hits California? Because if I can go, I will go.
  4. A while ago I posted this thread http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=70540 because I was nervous about how to get into the coasterverse. Well, I believe I have entered! I went to Knott's and bought a fastpass, so I got to ride all the big coasters. Here's how I found them: Silver Bullet: This one wowed me. It wasn't so intense that I felt like it pushed me that much, but I have little coaster experience, so it was one of the more intense ones I've been on. Went twice. Xcelerator: This is definitely the scariest coaster I've been on, and the drop looked frightning,
  5. It is never too late for almost anything. Except sleeping with individuals who fall under the age of consent. That you might get away with as long as you too are under it, but after that you go to prison and get put on a national registry. Seriously though, never become the person who thinks you can't grow or change. Those are the worst people. The. Worst. Thank you! I think I'm going to try EVERYTHING I SEE AT KNOTT'S! It was very helpful to get advice from Coaster veterans like you!
  6. Thanks so much for your helpful input! I always thought Montezooma was more difficult than Silver Bullet from what I've heard, but I think I'll give both a shot!
  7. Hello everyone. I am very to new Roller Coasters and the idea thrills me. I love the thought of zipping through twists and turns at high speed. But I don't know very much about these beautiful creations, and don't really know where to go from where I am. The problem is my stomach. Neither of my parents can stomach coasters, (They barfed on SPACE MOUNTAIN at Disneyland ) and so as a young child I never really got to go on any Coasters. That said, I've had more freedom as the years have gone on and been able to go on some rides my parents couldn't. A lot of my friends who love coasters have be
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