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  1. Yes it will be interesting to see which rides from the 15 parks that will be removed
  2. I would say unfortunately the first coaster that will leave would be viper
  3. So what ride will be gone by opening day next year? Due to Six Flags getting rid of 15 rides this year. My guess its between Pirate or Grizzly Run.
  4. They added one exact same name last year to the waterpark in Houston last year.
  5. So looks like we a getting, wahoo wave and possibly a waterpark rebrand to hurricane harbor(unless it was copy and paste from a different park)
  6. I know now that its just motocoaster I still go to the park since I'm a member, I think it had something to do with the skyloop that fell thru at magic springs that was supposed to go to elitch gardens, and I also believe that parc got in over there heads
  7. I used to work at Darien 08-10 opening crew for motocoaster, I even met someone from Zamperla I believe his name was Anthony if I remember correctly, from what I remember that we were told by the upper management is that it was only going to be there until the license with OCC ended.
  8. Seems a little redundant to add a Mack Big Dipper when they already have Tantrum, a similar ride. The big dipper is Mack's response to the infinity coaster, but it's also meant to feel like a wild mouse with quick and snappy transitions
  9. Maybe we could see the first Mack Big Dipper(in NA) if all goes good with the power splash for the chain, since dynamite and lost gravity were both around 6 million USD
  10. If we are hoping for coaster clones, I would like to see a blue fire clone.
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