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  1. This may be my first post here, but I have been reading and enjoying this forum for years now. I was planning on posting something else, but wanted to weigh in on the recent discussion. I think nobody here meant to defend the over-hypers, nor to attack Robb on his opinion about Baron 1898. Some people have tried to explain why there is a certain level of excitement for Baron, especially in the northwest part of Europe. Maybe some of their arguments got lost in translation, but I with all due respect: I think some valid points were made. This will be the first B&M coaster in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg) and there has been speculation for years over which park would build it (Efteling? Walibi Holland? Walibi Belgium? Toverland?). So even a run-of-the-mill B&M coaster is still quite special to a lot of people over here, short and low as it may be. Add the theming, which is at the level we have come to expect from Efteling, a decent layout (the first without the curve before the drop) and this looks like a very nice addition. Is that a reason for over-hyping? No. Is it a reason to spam Robb's social media accounts? No. But I have to agree with Heth that I haven't read any post here unreasonably "jumping down Robb's throat". Maybe that happened on social media, but not here on the forum. I have seen people trying to explain respectfully why there is some excitement for this coaster. Maybe that excitement is not justified, but trying to explain its origin is something different than defending over-hyping IMHO.
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