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  1. Indeed that is what I trying to say. Older people its less or no problem if they are still interested in doing these kind of things. However they are less over-excited.
  2. Oh I absolutely agree on that, I don't force you to like this coaster more than others. Every coaster has its charm. I think we can agree on that one. Well here you will run into a cultural difference. If I pull this discussion to my own country, 2 hr drive is already too far for a lot of people, I know for American people it is really peanuts. Transportation here is most cases an big issue. Planes are expensive, a car is the most convenient way, however you can pass your drivers license exam when you're 18 years or older (in the States it is in most cases 16, depends on the state). To get the license is not cheap. Then get a car is the next issue. And finally the fuel, which is 1.6 euro a liter which is approx. 7 US dollar a gallon. Driving here is an expensive "hobby" especially for younger people. Oh and I didn't mention the different traffic rules, and different driving behaviors of the countries which you have to adapt to. Different languages can still be an issue, not every country is adopting English very well. And this could be also an extra drawback. Going by public transportation is in most cases not an option. You will pay a lot of money to go fast or you're stuck at a long of traveling time. So to get to these parks takes extra hurdles. That is a real big difference compared to the US. I'm really glad you mentioned this one! Silver star was my first B&M which I rode. It was a fine experience, so when I heard they build Black Mamba I was looking forward to ride this coaster and no not like OMG OMG, just looking forward. When I had the change to ride it I found the coaster very intensive even after two or three times, I didn't experienced that before. In 2009 I went to the States for the first time and experienced a whole set of new coasters, which were more intensive than the current ones in Europe. After coming back I rode again Black Mamba and yeah my opinion changed, it was less intensive than before and more enjoyable. The coaster didn't change, I did. Same applies for Troy in Toverland btw. I came to the conclusion that both Black Mamba, Troy, Katun more leaning towards the American standard type of designs. So for you probably average type of coaster. But for me it was a step further than normal before I went to the States. So and there it fits in with your story. And thats why you probably find Oziris quite forceless, its the opposite of my story. In my opinion the same applies to the Baron, I think for a lot of young people (15-19) they didn't experience a coaster like this, they are not able to visit parks if they are not taken to it. So yeah chances could be that they get over-excited, and maybe in your eyes overhyping it, especially when the opening date gets closer. For them it is the first dive machine experience. As long as they are having fun, watching the construction and looking forward to ride the coaster and talk about it: it's fine nobody got hurt. Different references, different coaster culture, as I see it. Here is my opinion about the coaster: I think it will be a fine coaster which will fit perfectly into the Efteling. My concerns regarding the ride are at the track length the capacity of the ride, and language. The drop itself I'm not really impressed by, done already the tilt coaster and Sheikra, however it will be fun. The real fun part for me is to get people aboard who fear this coaster, and get them over this fear and to let them see this coaster is no big deal. In the end it is still a game between the coaster manufacturer and the guest. Having a B&M in Efteling, yeah that is a good move and a lot of fans (and also internal people) had for a long period of time this secret wish. Using a mine / steampunk theme for this type of coaster, I think is natural choice. It's nice to have a backstory, however for me it is not mandatory. I'm very curious how the pre shows will be and if they will influence the capacity of the ride. The park's goal is to have 5 million visitors a year by 2020, so I think capacity is a really important factor. I'm still excited, and when I have the chance to ride it, I will and compare it to other rides and place it somewhere in the list.
  3. Well I don't think that is the matter here about satisfaction but a matter of excitement and seeking adventure. Things you don't do every day, and people get a certain desire for it. Sometimes you forget how special things are when you are used to it. Especially when these kind of things are not always reachable for others(which makes the desire for them even bigger). Regarding theming, it is really cool building, however it is still about the ride. In the past I did an in-depth interview with Ton van de Ven, who did the the designs for rides such as Dream flight, Fata Morgana, Haunted Castle and more. I asked him why he didn't themed the Python (double loop corkscrew) in the past and he said: "A roller coaster is about speed not so much about design. It is important to have some trees near the track to give a sense of speed." So how important is theming, will it add extra tension to the ride itself, that is a point of discussion where you can debate for a long period of time. However it is still an eye-catcher. I think it's a special attraction for the average Efteling-visitor, because it is not a common thing to see here. Efteling is not in the race for the biggest and highest roller coasters, and that explains also why it is as it is today. Story above stats Btw just one remark, we added subtitles to the video for the people who are interested : http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1557802#p1557802
  4. Photoshoot of the press conference today at Efteling: Best regards Marwin
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