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  1. Looking good Bjorn!! (As repeated on NLE multiple times on your Phoenix thread XD)
  2. ^I haven't ordered yet, but I will sometime in the next few days. Sorry, I meant that I put the money in my bank account to order the model. I will order it sometime in the next few days. My bad for the confusion.
  3. Hello, Well, i've given thought to what i've said, and I'm sorry everyone for all the ruckus i've created. I hope you all can forgive me. I actually just bought me a nanocoaster (I'm going to paint it like the Racers at Kings Island if that is possible) for my desktop, along with my currently owned Scorpion. I also just forked out the cash for a O Scale Comet and a O Scale Big Dipper to go with my HO Comet. (I currently own a Phoenix, Sidewinder, Scorpion, Dragon, and HO Scale Comet.) (The updated collection will consist of Phoenix, Sidewinder, Scorpion, Dragon, HO Scale Comet, O Scale Comet, NanoCoaster (Painted to be the Racers at Kings Island), and a Big Dipper) I'm sorry you guys for all of the hate I've done, and I hope i can make it up to you all. Yes, i acted like an a** and shouldn't have done that. Deepest condolences, Ibanez. (IbanezCoaster) PS: Check out some of my No Limits Coasters!: http://nolimits-exchange.com/user/ibanez/826 Here is my youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Marci19177 Here is my NoLimitsExchange account: http://forum.nolimits-exchange.com/account.php?u=287 You can find me on CoasterCrazy as well, but you get the point. I hope i can make it up to you all, and i hope you all can forgive me. Sincerely, Ibanez. (IbanezCoaster)
  4. See B&MBoy1982's model? (AKA flboy1982 on youtube) That is what I'm talking about. That is a REAL model. Why don't you guy's sell those anymore? I mean these are cool and all, but couldn't you guys sell both these and the scorpion/phoenix type models? Also, for you all who continue to complain at me: Go try to complain at me on NLE and CC and see what happens. Or whine at me on my youtube channel. I'm a veteran there, and dam well respected there. So I KNOW what I am doing pretty dam well.
  5. They aren't customizable though like the Phoenix and Sidewinder and Scorpion are. The phoenix was actually the most realistic, with a working station, opening restraints, and even station brakes. The O Scale Woodens are also much more expensive than a scorpion or a phoenix. They don't look correct. (B&M Track supported by wood) B&M's aren't wooden!! The Phoenix looks very accurate to a real B&M Sitdown. I'd do ANYTHING to get my hands on a phoenix, and I'm sure many more around here can vouch for me as well.
  6. ^Well, if you haven't given up on the working models, then where are they? Where is our models like the phoenix and sidewinder? We want to know! I feel like (and I'm sure more people do also) you guys have went from producing true model rollercoaster kits to toys.
  7. Is there a way you guys could sell both the working kits like the phoenix and scorpion and sidewinder, along with models like these? You could sell the Phoenix's and Scorpion's and Sidewinder's, targeted towards the true enthusiasts. Then, you could also have models like these on your website and at parks for the average park guest who wants a cool souvenir. It would be the best of both worlds. Would there be a way that could happen ever? I'm sure it would work very well for the general public and us true coaster enthusiasts.
  8. I'm glad I made it into the video! Thanks AJ for including my "Bright Falls".
  9. Thank you everyone with my opinion, i really miss the real kits. the FUNCTIONAL kits. One day, i'd love to see them make a return. But we can only dream...........
  10. It looks good from what I can tell. I wish you guys would start selling the real kits again. What happened to you guys? You have pretty much completely quit producing all of the functional model coasters, and now we're stuck with other things like this. The Phoenix's, Sidewinders, and Scorpions sold very well from what I could tell, why don't you guys produce the real model kits anymore? You've gone completely against your own mission statement, which from what I read on your FB is "To give everyone the tools to create the working model roller coaster of their dreams." You can't do that if you don't produce kits anymore! I'd do just about anything to get my hands on a brand new Phoenix or Sidewinder, and I'm sure a lot of other enthusiasts would love to get some kits as well. What happened?
  11. Question: Will the Phoenix or the Sidewinder ever return? Otherwise, looking great!
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