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  1. 19 hours ago, abovethesink said:


    Is that true? Isn't the world much, much safer now than it has been at any point in modern times? Aren't basically all violent crimes way down in number? 

    Yes and no.


    It's just that there's just so much real time info available to us and the reach if the info is far greater than it has ever been with social media and the media sites seeking hits via those for revenue. Reality has been skewed.

  2. 21 hours ago, TEDodd said:

    I thought that was Florida. That's all the news ever talks about.

    Louisiana and then the whole Redneck Riviera and  Texas border regions then the rest of Florida and now the South. But yes, the first spot that lit up like Rudolph's nose was the  Table Rock/Bull Shoals/Norfork Lake regions of the Ozarks and it has spread out from there. There is a clear correlation to vacationing hot spots likely spread by asymptomatic breakthrough cases living life normally. It just happens it was to areas where folks are resistant to vaccines.

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  3. Incidentally, I was at the park on Sunday(8-22). There had to be no more than 3k at the park all day. Outside of Time Traveler and Mystic River there were hardly any wait times unless you want the front and it was only two or three trains. All coasters ran and all day at that. It was hot and the air wasn't moving much. But we first rowed ever coaster twice except for Time Traveler , we gotblucky and was assigned first and a last row on our 4 overall rides. 


    Covid Notes,  Less than 10% were masked. Hell, I doubt 5%. The Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas was ground zero for the Delta strain explosion. It has peaked but just now starting to fall a bit. Most all employee were but there were a few not. Mainly those that don't interact with guests or do so from a good distance.

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  4. 4 hours ago, sdcfan88 said:

    Not to Necropost but it was just recently announced on the latest census that Fayetteville is now the 2nd largest city in the state eclipsing the Fort Smith metro with just over 90k people. https://www.nwahomepage.com/news/local-news/new-census-data-shows-fayetteville-as-second-largest-city-in-arkansas/

    NWA consist of the core 4 of Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville along with Bella Vista and Siloam Springs. Other cities in the two county region like Farmington and Prarie Grove are growing as well. 

    You can consider the Jonesboro/Paragould area a core SDC market as well but a lot of their growth is at the cost of the surrounding small, more rural communities.


    The truth is that there's nearly two years more growth on these numbers for NWA. It has only excelerated since. 


  5. 11 hours ago, CoasterGuy06 said:

    I mean 30 minutes outside of downtown Memphis, will locals even really want to go out there?



    Downtown Memphis nothing into this. This is actually fairly easy access to the areas that matter. North Ms and East of Memphis TN. A combination of the new outerloop of I-269, I-22, I-55 and the section I-69 complete makes this easily reached without ever hitting Memphis proper. Only Arkansans will have to deal with Memphis proper.

    This is clearly being eared toward multiple night stays. The old weekend getaway you might say. At 3 or less hrs drive, there's nearly 4 million people. 

    Outside of the Memphis area and it's 1.4 million there's

    Little Rock AR

    Jackson MS 

    Jackson TN

    Jonesboro/Paragould TN

    Tupelo/Corinth MS

    You stretch that out to 5 hrs you start including places like Nashville, Birmingham, Hunstville, Chattanooga.

    Memphis, itself (before Covid) had been increasingly attracting weekend stays. It has an incredible zoo. Even with Covid, it's hotel occupancy rate has healthily outpaced the national average. There's nothing close to this in the area. Any water park is 3hrs or more.

    I have been searching for plans and some artwork for this. What I have found still lacks an indoor water park element. I consider that a major mistake. The athletic complex, done right I'm sure will host numerous youth baseball/softball tourneys and make money hand over fist and provide a stream for lodging. 


    If I was a Fun Spot, I'd be eying a location either near here or close by at the i-69/I-55 junction near the Tanger Outlet Mall. The area is coaster deprived.


    A couple of pics I've found.




  6. https://dailymemphian.com/section/business/article/21025/harrahs-tunica-site-redevelopent-resort-water-park

    This site is massive. Two huge hotels and once Championship quality golf course the building for the F.E.C is already on property.

    All of these are visible from the screen grab from Google Earth.

    Just Google image search Harrah's Tunica Resort for more photos. 

    If this doesn't include an indoor water facility they are wasting time.


    Hopefully it leads to a dry park in a dry part of the country themepark wise. That I-69 has Birmingham less than 3 hrs east and Atlanta in under 6 hrs for weekend getaways.


    Now, if Memphis would redevelop Mud Island into a Tivoli-esque park



  7. 9 hours ago, ytterbiumanalyst said:

    Yes, the area is good to a few people, and that's the hallmark of the growth around there. You pointed out the rise in average wages, but I would submit that the average wages are not telling the whole story. A few exceptional blue collar jobs that can match the exceptional white collar jobs don't really help to tell the whole story here. For that, we need to look at the median income in addition to the average income.


    Arkansas is second to last in median income, behind only Mississippi.1 A rise in average income without a corresponding rise in median income means a small number of people are making substantially more than the vast majority. A population base who are all making near minimum wage is not the base you want for a theme park. You need a strong middle class with disposable income for that. Walmarton isn't creating a strong middle class; they're elevating wages for upper middle earners while leaving working class wages stagnant.


    As to your other point about the airline, in theory that's what will likely benefit the park more. Branson has always depended on out of state tourists, and that seems unlikely to change anytime soon. I wish them luck, but I've seen several ultra low cost carriers come and go from BKG and SGF, so count me skeptical that one flying out of XNA will be more successful.

    XNA was the Secind fastest growing airport in the US in 2019, pre covid clocking in at 17% year over year and was clocking 20% over that the first two months of 2020 before Covid. It is double the size of Springfield in terms of passengers. Not knocking Springfield I wish we had their amount of Allegaint destinations as well.  I would not be shocked by this time next year Allegiant is flying to Knoxville from one or both of them. That would basically connect SDC and Dollywood for passholders. SDC might explore a better package outside of the 50% discount.


    Springfield put in a grant to help start AA service to DC, Philly and/or Miami. NWA gets DC and Miami back in April via AA. 

  8. 4 hours ago, ytterbiumanalyst said:

    "[T]he Benton County wage increase can be tied to a surge in professional services jobs that include engineers, lawyers and some technology-related occupations. Those jobs tend to be high-paying positions."


    Yeah, your average Arkansawyer isn't seeing any of that money. As always, when you look under the surface, a few people benefit and everyone else gets the scraps.


    So sure, SDC might see a few passholders among those professionals, but wouldn't it be better if wages were increased for the vast majority of Missourians and Arkansawyers so that a greater number of people could afford to go to the park? A rising tide lifts the boats, sure, but it doesn't do a whole lot for the people who are clinging to driftwood.

    The amount of construction and housing starts in this area has electricians and plumbers pulling down high 100K wages. NWA is seeing all kinds of  service and professional career growth. This area will likely be gaining two full fledged Med Schools in 10 years. One will be a private one founded and funded  by Alice Walton and UAMS is moving toward a full fledged center like Little Rock. 

    It should be noted that Arvest was Alice's brother Rob's creation.

    This is good news as well. Looks like XNA is in Jet Blue's Founder's crosshairs for his new Breeze Airline. Which could help folk travel to SDC a bit cheaper.


  9. On 3/17/2021 at 11:22 PM, ytterbiumanalyst said:

    I still find it amusing that y'all in Walmarton have a hard on for taking Springfield down a notch. 😆


    It's a new sponsorship, cool. They've had Humana as a sponsor for a few years now, so whatever, somebody else will be on the banners now.

    It is what it is, lol



    All good news for SDC.

  10. Arvest is based in Northwest Arkansas and was started by a Walton of Walmart fame. It is a huge regional bank around here flush with capital and big time backing. 


    This brings me to NWA and Silver Dollar City. Northwest Arkansas is on track to nearly double in size by 2045. That means around 1 million in population.  Nice to have one of the fastest growing  and  increasingly affluent regions in the country in your back yard so to speak. Springfield is also growing but it is not the juggernaut that NWA has become.

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  11. On 2/28/2021 at 10:23 PM, realKyle said:

    I actually think that would be pretty cool. I heard talk about Frontier City going to HFE, but I think Magic Springs would probably work better.

    Hot Springs has tons of potential but has seemingly failed to truly capitalize on it. Historic downtown renovation of hotels and such should  be tied to gaming permits to help fund it with stipulations  for historic accuracy. Instead Oaklawn has a monopoly on gaming in town. The trade off should be allowing Oaklawn to host fall horse meets so that it can become part of the Breeder's Cup. If I could get a hold of Magic Springs, I would attach a hotel with an indoor Waterpark on it in a heartbeat and expand the operating season of the dry park to where it is open on the last three weekends of Oaklawn's early meet. You would be shocked at the families that go down there for the races.  It is set up as a perfect cabin fever getaway location to the Metroplex and places like Memphis and Northwest Arkansas. It needs some investment that's for sure 

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  12. It is missing shooting up the waterfall and feeling the mist that Taron has. 


    If I found a Genie in a bottle and my first wish was for more wishes. After wishing for health and wealth, one of them would be Phantasialand opening up a US park using the basic principles they have there, integrated hotels in highly themed areas. An Epcot World  Showcase with thrill rides and in park hotels, yeah that's the ticket.

  13. 19 hours ago, prozach626 said:

    Ironically, we dumped our FedEx earlier in the year, which we had at around $140/share. We made out well on others, so I can't complain. Win some, lose some.


    FedEx was dogging it before the pandemic, some of that was unwarranted because the relationship with Amazon was always overstated. Pay close attention to the Walmart/ FedEx relationship. (Walmart was steal in the not too distant past as well)It grows closer by the day.  FedEx will now offer free return pickups of Walmart returns.


    I have long been a proponent of FedEx starting a combi fleet offering some passenger service with parcel service as a way to greatly expand same day deliverly service for retailers not named Amazon. Their largest freight hub now has two unused concourses to pull that off.  


    Anyhoo, back to cruises. Now with the Trump brokered normalization deals between Isreal and some Middle Eastern states, I wonder when we will see Suez Canal cruises incorporate stops in Israeli going between the Med ports and Dubai/UAE.

  14. 3 hours ago, prozach626 said:

    Hopefully soon, so I can get more ROI from my Carnival and RCL shares I bought dirt cheap during the market dip...

    Should have bought FedEx, lol. The moment they announced they were pulling planes out of the desert to put back in service, I sure did.


    Allegiant air was a good one to buy as well. Leasure will be the first thing to bounce back, the legacy air carriers' business model depends way too much on high fare, business and close in travel.


    Pure selfishness on my part, I wanted to see the collapse lead to Southwest snatching up Alaska.


    Leasurw market is about to get a new player with JetBlue's Founder, David Neeleman's Breeze Air. Has fantastic former C-Series now Airbus A220s on order.

  15. We had one day the first week of June at DLP last year. It was a Tues and a slight rain was falling as we arrived at the park at noon from our trip from center Paris. Bu the time we got though the gate it was over. We hit Studios first and it was so uncrowded, breezed through the place riding everything open multiple time except Crush's. It still had a 30 to 40 minute waits it was a one and done. We hopped over to The Castle park and crushed it without even trying. We never felt like we were rushing thing were nearly walk on or walk on. We rode Big Thunder at several different points in the day include the twilight before were positioned for the fireworks and they were great with the water added in. We got in 6 rides on Big Thunder and I is a blast for what it is. All in a little mopre than a half day. That also speaks volumes about it's size as well.

  16. I'm from the other side of the state and hypocrisy is just part of the culture here, but it's definitely more pronounced in the SW.


    Worth noting: Branson has a confederate flag and apparel store, whose owner's father is literally the national director of the KKK.


    As for SDC: I get the feeling reservations have been low as I've gotten a couple emails where the gist is 'spots still available'. But at the same time, I am actually trying to cancel two of our 5 spots for Saturday and have not been able to get through, they don't even put you on hold, just 'try again later'. Coupled with the FB comments it feels like they're getting swamped with this nonsense.


    Or...ignoring it and hoping that it goes away. Avoiding the demands for season pass refunds is hurting Customer Service for patrons calling without mask issues. They need to get it together.

  17. Both CCL and RCL stocks have been extremely low.


    We bought 1,500 shares of RCL recently, and now just sitting on it until it eventually gets back up to $130(ish) a share.... Then we will be selling!


    They got no love in the stimulus package, good luck. If they want money, they are going to have to register the boats here and build them here. The Jones Act is no joke and Viking just figured out how to get boats on Mississippi to comply with it.

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