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  1. Pleasure Islands is absolute awesome. You must have been delighted with the hard work you undoubtedly put in, when you finally finished what can only be described as a masterpiece. Great job, man. Absolutely first class.
  2. Hi All - I'm new to the board! Sorry if this isn't posted in the right place - but I didn't want to create a whole new thread, and I figured that I was technically asking a question which could be construed as asking for help? I found a picture of Alpine Adventures, where one of the guys on here had created a suspended coaster station/ride, and began reading the forum from there - some of the park designs that people have made are SENSATIONAL!! Good work all round. My question is - with those parks where double/triple width or plaza type paving is used, do these parks 'work' as a game, or do the peeps constantly complain about being lost and just walk round in circles? I have a reasonable understanding about 'decision points' in the game - but a big plaza style paving is surely just a massive area of decision points - and in my experience, peeps just walk round and round in circles never actually going in a consistent direction. Are there ways that people have found to circumnavigate this issue? Or are those parks built PURELY for aesthetics, to showcase on the forum, rather than to be used as a functional park?
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