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  1. One of the important things for a new coaster at Canada's Wonderland is the capacity because they have such a high attendance. I think that Canada's Wonderland will probably get a Wing coaster but if I could choose the coaster I would choose a massive RMC Hybrid.


    First of all, you just said you think they were NOT getting a wing coaster, now you say they are? I really wonder how your mind works.

  2. I actually don't think going over the lake would be that great of an idea, they already have vortex running over the lake. Having too many coasters in one area would ruin the image of a beautiful park. Going into the forest behind splashworks would be visually beautiful and a great place to see it pop out of the forest. What pops up in my head would be those kind of picture like you get of Apollo's chariot

  3. Goliath, Batman The Ride, Boomerang, bizzaro, many superman rides, its all because they're taking advantage of dc heroes permissions, cedar fair owns barely any franchise other than snoopy , and snoopy isn't very menacing, hopefully the name will be unique and not ziz, there are alternate names for ziz, such as Renanin, sewki, The seer, son of the nest. Maybe one of those names will be used

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