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  1. Ya soon as phlip45's parks are sometimes epic, that he's on rct1
  2. That is a lovely picture of that mountain bet you can't add this baddie on it
  3. RCT2 is way more realistic of the bobsleigh roller coaster RCT3 bobsled texture I was like what is that? Ya so the RCT2 Bobsleigh is dead real, mine are like the avalanche at blackpool unlike custom ones, Realistic rides on RCT2 Bobsleigh coaster Looping roller coaster / Steel roller coaster Log flume Vertical drop coaster Twister roller coaster Corkscrew roller coaster Wooden roller coaster Wooden wild mouse Stand up coaster Ostrich ride Stampeding herd coaster Seaplane ride Suspended Swinging coaster Launched freefall coaster And that's all folks
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