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  1. Am I the only one who doesn't adore Volcano? I think it's launches are great, and so is the first inversion, but after that it's somewhat boring and repetitive. I enjoy Dominator much more than Volcano to be honest, and often feel like the minority in this community.

    I don't adore it really, to me Dominator is the best coaster at the park . Volcanos launches are really amazing though and IMO they are my favorite launches on a coaster. I think people think volcano is really good because they don't get to ride it as often because of the long lines it can get, and so they don't get bored of it as easily as they would get bored of a ride that is always a walk on.

    !I think dominator is the best as well

  2. I saw on their website that they have matinance days and cheetah hunts was from the 2nd-4th but yeah it's open now.

    The problem with Montu being on a dead end is that there's nothing else out here it's just cheetah hunt and montu. It'll help when they open Cobras curse but I think they need a flat ride of some sort there. Also the construction is literally piles of dirt feat big pit.

  3. I went to the park for the first time in half a life. It's such a beautiful park. I felt like I was a peep from Rct tho "it's too crowded here" "Kamba was great" "I've been queuing for sheikra for a long time". Also I need to say this: bg needs signage. There is such a complete lacking of signage in the entire park, and with a layout like that, you NEED signage. I couldn't find kumba at first, then I didn't know how to get back to cheetah hunt, it just confused me and I feel especially in pantopia there needs to be like a better main path. Also it started raining at around lunch and so everyone went into the dragon fire grill and let me tell you that was a hot mess there was no indicated lines and all of the separate lines are really weird it's confusing and it just needs to be redone honestly because bg knows that it rains in Florida and people go inside when it rains but they don't know what to do with the people once they're inside it was chaotic and it was a mess. I love their coaster collections though. Kumba was a huge surprise to me. It is an extremely fun coaster with great forces and lil pops of airtime here and there and it's SO SMOOTH that was wonderful. Sheikra broke down while I was in line idk y but it was running about 10 mins later. It was whatever I'm not a big fan of dive coasters and I've been on griffon so this is nothing new. Scorpion was cool. Cheetah hunt was like a chill maverick and I really liked that feel. It's in such a nice location and even though it's really new it fits in perfectly with the landscape. Montu wasn't as good as I thought it would be honestly. I like alpenguist better. I went on Falcons fury which was extremely scary. Liked it. Felt like I was going to die. Gwazi just looked like a heap of wood I was like nah. I wish they moved the employee parking to somewhere else cause it's like "jungle, jungle, two story cement parking garage" and it give it like an icky corporate feeling like it least paint it to fit in or something idk. I was also underwhelmed by the safari too honestly like I know it's an open air train but all there really is is like wildabeest and gazelles with a giraffe thrown in. Congo River Rapids was so boring I didn't get wet at all until the waterfall. It just wasn't fun. They had a dj outside the crown colony/cheetah hunt playing loud rap/pop music and I was like this doesn't seem to exactly fit the theme of Busch gardens like what happened? I was also surprised about how many people from different countries there were. I heard French speakers, Arabic, Japanese, Mexican, England, and Indian. So my entire day was really good.

  4. I rather like Grizzly personally. I find that rough old wooden coasters is half the charm of them. The reason I hate Mean Streak is because it's rough AND boring. Grizzly I find fun though!


    If they did topper track for Hurler, but left the same layout, I'd be down. I like the layout because it's kinda different from most woodies, but it has not aged well at all, that's for sure.


    As I've said before, my gripe with Shockwave is the capacity. If it loaded faster I wouldn't mind it. I also like Anaconda, though it is from the dying breed of coaster you need to be taught "how to ride," which is definitely falling out of favor.


    Then again, considering there are people complaining that rides like Alpengeist and Rougarou are too rough, I'm convinced that if we got rid of any coasters less rough than Banshee, people would be out complaining how rough Banshee is...


    Alpengeist is brutal. It needs those vest restraints BADLY. I've never head anyone say Rougarou is rough, just a slight rattle at the end like Dominator.


    I think alpenguist is extremely smooth except for the cobra roll, and I thought rougarou was smooth but boring. I think dominator is extremely smooth too.

  5. Looking for a little help here with tips for my first CP trip!


    -Going to CP Friday Aug 28th, and Sat the 29th

    -Staying in breakers express both nights to get early access

    -Thinking about getting fast lane plus on saturday.... thoughts?

    -For early entry is it through the main gate, or is there a side entrance?

    -Does anyone have a link regarding how I should hit rides? I think I wanna try to wait to ride Maverick till later in the first day, as to not spoil myself too early

    -Has anyone used the all day meal plan? It looks like it might be worth it




    Please spoil yourself, the lines even with a fp+ can get up to 45 mins, especially on a Saturday and Friday I bet. Also 100% get the fastpass PLUS, because the extra $20 is worth it.

  6. raptor broke on the lift and had people stranded for about 2 hours


    I find this very hard to believe. Usually if a ride breaks down, and it is down for more than 30 minutes... with riders stuck on the ride they will evac the riders off the trains. Also, Raptor... down for 2 hours??? Usually it's down for about 20-40 minutes... Not 2 hours.


    So all in all it was a good day but man does maverick have a terrible capacity.


    Seriously??? This may be one of the most ignorant things I have ever read. Maverick... with terrible capacity??? Ha. NO!! Just... NO. Maverick has a capacity of 1,200 riders per hour. That is not exactly LOW. For comparison Millennium Force has a capacity of 1,300 riders per hour, and people always rave about how MF has great capacity. 1,200 riders per hour is not "terrible." It may not be the 2,000 riders per hour that Magnum has... But it is by no means "terrible."


    I'm so serious about the raptor breakdown I checked the times. The first time I saw it, it was around 3, and someone went up the straits then back down them, but they didn't evac the riders. By 6 the train was gone (I didn't stand to watch this was just me looking from time to time) and by 7 they were running empty trains.


    Maverick had a hour and a half line without fastpass (probs around 2 or more hours) and the fp+ line was about an hour, neither of the lines were moving, and if they did move, they moved about 3 steps for every 5 mins.

  7. So I went to the point on Tuesday and dragster broke down while I was in the middle of an hour long line, maverick is a beautiful coaster and they should build more of them, gatekeeper is better in the front than the back, magnum needs.......something, mean streak isn't as rough as anyone says it is, force goes fast, is smooth, and is more reridable than i305, raptor broke on the lift and had people stranded for about 2 hours, rougarou was whatever, and I went on power tower, which was my first drop tower. That was cool. So all in all it was a good day but man does maverick have a terrible capacity.

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